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Timbosaurus's 1977 Celica

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OK, so it's not a skyline, but it has got skyline wheels and skyline brakes! ;)

In all seriousness, I've joined SAU because I'd love an R32 GTR one day, but since I've already got a toy (this car) and a daily, I simply can't justify another car at the moment.

Here is my baby. It's a red 1977 (RA28) Toyota Celica that I've had since 1999. It was originally very rusty, painted with mission brown house paint (by brush I think!), had a clapped out, single cam, carby, 2L, but did have a 'custom' 80s/90s interior re-trim – wooo!


Stage 1 rebuild (1999-2005) got the body and paint up to scratch, rego'd with the standard suspension and engine.


Stage 2 rebuild (2005) had it fitted with lowered springs and new shocks all round, and a better exhaust.


Stage 3 rebuild (2008) pulled out the old 2L, and fitted a twin-turbo, twin cam, 24V, straight 6 EFI 1G-GTE out of an '89 Toyota Supra. Along with the W58 gearbox, new wiring, new radiator, twin dumps and 3" side-exiting mandrel bent exhaust.


Stage 4 rebuild (2009) is sorting out the suspension and safety for racing. Started with weld on coilover kit/custom hubs/909 discs and skyline calipers on the front, but then started to get serious… specs are below.

I will put pictures and more information up if/when this thread is approved, because I don't know whether Toyota builds are allowed.

Specs @ 24/08/09




1977 RA28 Toyota Celica


1G-GTE - 2Ltr, 24v, 6cyl, Twin Turbo.


Standard Gen3 internals from GA70 halfcut

Front mount justjap intercooler with DIY 2.5" mandrel bend mild steel piping

Unknown lift pump into polished, boot mounted surge tank

Bosch 044 high pressure pump through 8mm aluminium fuel lines

Lift/surge/high pressure setup was ditched for a modified in-tank VE V8 commodore assembly

Beautiful dump pipes from Linden @ roadrunner

Dump merge pipe, through 3" metal convertor and 3" muffler - exiting in front of the drivers side rear tyre.

Whatever K&N filter came with the halfcut

Nicely modified sump from Stradlater

Standard ECU

Gizzmo EBC

Hyundai Excel radiator & twin electric thermo


Toyota W58 5 speed gearbox

Unknown clutch that came on the engine

Standard flywheel

Modified RA28 tailshaft to suit hilux diff

Hilux diff, modified with celica mounts

Welded centre, soon to be replaced with a truetrac LSD when time allows


S13 struts with coilovers and camber tops

Standard front swaybar

No rear swaybar

All front bushes replaced with either nolathane or Superpro

Adjustable panhard rod is needed


Front - 280mm x 28mm nissan discs, R32 GTS skyline calipers

Rear – Stock hilux drums


Taken back to metal in most places, rust repaired and respray in straight tinter red acrylic.

Alloy rear bolt-in 1/2 cage

Indicators and door locks welded up


Racing Sparco Python 2

-Front Rims: 17" x 7" JJ Offset 35

-Front Tyres: Falken Ziex ZE-502 215/40/R17

-Rear Rims: 17" x 8" JJ Offset 32

-Rear Tyres: Falken GRB RS Tune 2 235/40/R17


Re-trim in black and burgandy (came with it when I bought it)

removed centre console for clean tunnel look

Autometer boost gauge

Sparco Monte carlo bucket




Get the car engineered

Fit discs to the hilux diff

Fit rebuilt engine with single turbo and programmable ECU.

KE70 corolla front xmember to get R&P steering

Fit rubber donut engine mounts

Fit truetrac centre

If I ever get this far, I might strip it back and do the bodywork properly (i'm picky!)

Let us know what you think/any suggestions.


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OH sweet, the thread made it :laugh:

I'll add little sections as I go.

Intercooler piping:

Tacked up...


Welded up...



My welding is not great, so I ground back the welds and gave them a coat of matt black...



The finished product...


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Doing the dump pipe merge:

Roadrunner fabrication dumps. Linden is a magic fabricator!!!


I set it up in-car to work out where all the routing for the merge pipes would go. It's pretty damn tight down there with the steering arm getting well in the road.

Once I'd worked out where the merge should sit, I tacked on some rod to hold the position and took it back out to work on the bench. There was no way I was going to be making these pipes from under the car.


Then I sat down with a couple of 180 degree 2 1/4" mandrel bends and my MIG, and got to work.




Time to test fit it.

And it did fit quite nicely indeed...


but the big test was with the steering arms at full left lock.

There's only about 5-10mm clearance there, but that was the best I could do, and I'm happy with that :laugh:


So out it came for welding up. I never claim to be the best welder in the world, and unless welding is perfect there is no point showing it off... so I ground the welds smooth where possible.



And the flanges...


It was getting late by the time I got to the welding up the merge, and I was starting to rush a bit. It hindsight I probably should have left it for tommorow, given that there were some big gaps to fill in between the two pipes. But oh well, it's not a show car ;)



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