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  1. Hi guys, Been out of the scene for some time but i am finally in the market to purchase a gtr. I am currently looking at one that has surface rust all underneath, however, on the strut tops and in the boot-well are completely clean. As the car came out of factory with the cold weather package i am a little weary that there is rust places with limited access without removing panels or jamming a camera between panels etc. I am just wondering if anyone can recommend a panel shop that knows skylines quite well and can go over the car for me before purchasing around the Blacktown area. Also just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are of the rust underneath and strut tops. It seems to me that the strut tops look all original but i am a little iffy as the sealant on the seams is quite thick in places compared to the gtst that i had a few years back.
  2. Can someone please check S15015260. Thank you
  3. S15-000224 Can someone please check this s15 for me please
  4. Can someone please check ecr33107879. Thank you in advanced.
  5. can someone please check ecr33051880. Thank you
  6. any interior shots and engine bay? also how many kms on the body?
  7. spotted mr 033 on milperra rd today in the afternoon
  8. This was his reason as to why it was rebuilt a second time but it might prove a little hard to find out why it was the first time. looks like ill have to give apc a call and see if they can provide me with any details I purchased the car from a CEO of an accounting company in Brisbane (his toy car) in April of 2009 with roughly 68k 'genuine' Km's on the Odometer. At the time the engine was already built by APC performance (http://www.apc-racing.com.au/showentry.asp?enid=72) however in November of 2010 (20k Km's later) I discovered the harmonic balancer was not tightened enough and came loose. Consequently the crank was slightly bent at 86K Km's and so I replaced the crank with a new R34 GTR crank and completely replaced the bottom end. The engine was also retuned by Aaron at In Tune Performance.
  9. Hey guys im looking at purchasing this gtr from wa and was wondering if anyone has seen it before or knows anything about the history of the car. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1999/SSE-AD-2550427/?Cr=19&sdmvc=1 For the people that cant be bothered clicking the link it is a 1999 white vspec with a ztune conversion and the bonnet is carbon fibre and the plates on the car are ZLR. Thanks Con
  10. spotted a white 34 gtt turning off heathcote road exit from m5 last night around 11:30pm
  11. spotted a white s2 r33 at golbert smash repairs tonight.... front end hit looks like a write off
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