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[Vic] Dmax Boot Spoiler, Other Random Bits

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Hey selling off some parts i dont want / need...

dmax boot spoiler to suit r32, has a bad midnight purple sprayjob, could use a respray. - $150


BN rear bar to suit r32, silver. $100


rb30e 5 speed. - $300

rb20, has been sitting outside in the weather, still has inlet manifold...could be good for...something? - Wild the sphincter of the universe accepted as payment...

genuine s13 vertex front bar, has a split at the bottom, currently sanded back. $100

ca18de extractors - $150

rb30e, has been sitting for a while.... unsure if itd still be good but was running when pulled from car. - $50?

Located eastside melb. PM on here if interested.

Cheers, Jason

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