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Need 370GT Service Manual / Engine Swap Pinout Dramas

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Hey all ... I'm doing a VQ37 swap into an E46 BMW. Based in New Zealand my motor and related wiring / ECU are from a JDM 370GT.

Currently basing my planning work on the Infiniti G37 service manual but it appears that the wiring is slightly different to the JDM car. What a PITA !!!! My concerns are validated when comparing against the 370Z service manual which again, has slight differences in pins populated and locations. Have yet to look at it in detail but I may be able to work it out as the wire colours seem to be consistent even if the pinouts are not.

However ... does anyone have the EC / engine control section (or ideally all of the FSM) of a JDM 370GT ??? It would make life so much easier.

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