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R35 gtr wheels


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    • What you are holding that pic is a mechanical cable speedo drive. Not a speed sensor/sender. The R32 gearboxes use cable drive to the speed o head. No, you cannot put an auto tranny's speed sensor in a manual. I don't know of a solution for a speed sensor that will work with the R33 dash that will go into that box. The similar boxen from S chassis cars (SR20, etc) use electronic sensors, but I think the drive gears are wrong. The R32 turbo box will not hold up to the torque of an RB25DET for many years. You will wear out the input shaft bearing. You should probably plan to replace the box with an R33/4 box and then your speed sensor issues will be simpler.
    • Hello, is that speed sensor? Why doesn’t it have any cables/2pin but steel cable/rope? Photos of sensor R33 gtst auto I swapped it on manual with rp71c#2 gearbox prob rb20det r32.  if I can’t connect current sensor is there any chance that ca/sr speed sensor or rb25automatic sensor will work plug n play?     
    • using a map with TPS and duty cycle with a slight delay on the off.  The second pump only really needs to come on when flat out.    PWM is interesting, are you using a solid state relay ?
    • Nek minnit, LS swapped MX5 project.   Also, man, my parents would never give me a car if I had crashed mine! Lucky boy! Or cunning Mark!
    • If both pumps are only on at full tilt, and even better if he reduces the output of one pump with he other off for idle etc, then when both pumps are on for full tilt power, the injectors are diverting the fuel away from the fuel return line to a much nicer location, which will help keep fuel pressure lower as there's not a blockage/build up of liquid.
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