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  1. Neo and non neo use different actuation methods so solenoids and oil galleries are different. They are wrong to say the pulley has variability if they imply its incremental. It only phases from 0 to 30 degrees and nothing inbetween, this is a big point of confusion with the rb25 vct.
  2. Google translate can help you with the translation. Pull the brake light switch plug off and find a bit of wire to bridge it. If the lights don't come on then it could be the fuse or a broken wire somewhere. If you aren't good with electrics and you can't easily find the problem an auto elec is the easiest way to get it sorted.
  3. I would have thought cleaning would have only a positive effect on a radiators operation. What checks have been done for other causes?
  4. Dobz

    So you're just going to give up that easy?
  5. Dobz

    Should be taken back to hear what they have to say about it. How many people work there, is there a chance someone dodgy in the workshop did the job? The proper course of action is to have the collar taken off and sizes checked, you also want to see if they put a decent radius in the corner. Too small of a radius could lead to snappage.
  6. It’s push type so it’s r32 gtst, r32 gtr(except some 93 models) and r33 gtst. If later models have the pull to push conversion it can be used.
  7. This. Check it for terminal rust on the chassis.
  8. Top speed run it off a cliff
  9. Dobz

    Oil filters have there own pressure release valve , they also have an anti drain back valve (check valve) that holds oil in the filter. I've stripped and cleaned three RB's (20,25,26) over the years and i can certainly say there were no check valves in any feed to the head what so ever. Brake cleaner and air pass easily back through the orifices without a problem. There is simply no need for them.
  10. Dobz

    Yeah I understand that, I'm just trying to decipher which gear of the two has more wear or have they both worn evenly? I'll take a stab and say there's something going on with gear tooth hardening or lack there of. With the small amount of work the box has done there shouldn't be such accelerated wear regardless of machined tooth tolerances or setup clearances. Is speedtek just sending another shaft with no questions asked? Surely they would want the worn one back for analysis.
  11. Dobz

    Which gear had more wear the input or counter shaft?
  12. Dobz

    My 2c Make it rev hard with heavier valve springs, porting and bigger cams. The ca will feel more usable when you have a higher rpm ceiling, they’re basically a 4cyl version of an rb20.
  13. Once all the oil and water lines are off you need to get crafty with a ring spanner to undo the manifolds, then pull turbo and manifold out together. I can't remember exactly but i think you need to loosen off the flange bolts on the rear turbo so you can weasel the manifold off the studs on the head. If you find it hard going getting them off you should at least get them rebuilt before you put them back in.
  14. When will entries be open again? The suspense is killing me, I haven't slept in three days.