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  1. 120°c oil temp is no big deal as long as your water temps are under control. That being said do not rely on the factory water temp gauge, they are crap. I have a water temp warning that goes off at 98°, even when it goes off the factory gauge is still sitting at normal.
  2. Comp test to find affected cylinders if it is a bent valve. It sounds a little like a lifter with too much clearance. Did you turn the crank with no belt and spark plugs still in?
  3. Pull seals off and clean grease out with brake cleaner and a brush. No need to think anymore about it.
  4. There would likely be some advantage to the 26 itb's if the engine was purposed for high rpm operation only, other than that it's a waste of time and money.
  5. Non neo has a four bolt plate on the vct cam pulley, neo has a single bolt. If no cams are installed the non neo will have two big oil feed holes for vct in the cam journal orientated transversely. The neo will have two small oil holes orientated longitudinally with the head.
  6. Big lessons being learnt the hard way. If you don’t have much money then you’d better start learning how to fix things yourself, don’t expect to have it on the road any time soon.
  7. These were in the boot of my gtr when I bought it and I haven't used them. There is some wear on the drivers side as pictured, there are a couple of dark spots on the front passenger side and some spots of carpet missing on a rear passenger mat. Asking $150, can be posted Aus wide for $20.
  8. I don’t think you can easily isolate vacuum for each throttle, I don’t think you even need to use a vac gauge on the rb26. Just undo linkages, then back off the butterfly stop adjusters so the butterflies bottom out. Do up the adjusters again so they just touch the butterfly stops. After that reconnect the linkages and check any linkage isn’t pulling any of the butterflies off the stops. If there is one just lengthen the turnbuckle so it can hit the stop. Once that’s done you can crack the throttle by hand and check the three linkages are synchronized, if one cracks slightly earlier than the others then lengthen that linkage slightly and try again.
  9. They are the coolant bleed ports, you’ve welded up all your vacuum ports. The balance tube that bolts on top is a necessary part unless you’re going a single throttle manifold.
  10. I’m satisfied with the first answer, if anyone wants to buy it I’ll be taking offers above $1,001. But seriously how does it work as a cup holder? I thought it might be that seeing as it kind of fits in the center recess, it doesn’t seem like it would hold any drink steady enough not to spill in a corner though. Is there a second part that helps secure it in the console?
  11. I found this whilst rummaging in the garage, it was in the glove box when I bought my gtr but I have no idea where it goes or what it does. Any one have any idea?
  12. Bcpr6es-11 for stock or mildly modded. Bcpr7es for when you are pushing even more power. If you have strong enough spark you can go the -11 option.
  13. First photo is heat exchanger bypass. Second photo just looks like it’s two filter bypass valves with one going past the oil temp sensor. Does the cylinder block have a blind hole where a relief valve should go?
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