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Nissan Skyline GTR R33 V-Spec Series 1 1995 w/Series 3 Goodies

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1995 Nissan Skyline GTR R33 V-Spec Series 1
Painted in Lexus Starfire Pearl White 077, similar to the pearl white on the R34. Pops and brings the car much to life than the original QM1 it was painted in.
Priced at $84999 to sell.
This lovely example of a Series One R33 GTR V-Spec has been owned by myself by the last 5 years. Within that time it has gone through extensive refreshment and restoration of many of the
bits and pieces that become tired and need refreshing on these high performance classic Japanese cars.
The engine has been rebuilt to a forged 2.7 litre with modern bits like trigger kit, 35 coil kit and head drain. Its managed by a Haltech Platinum Pro and made 415kw to the wheels, tuned by Adam
At JEM. This was on a single Walbro 460 pump (now upgraded to a modern silent 550), with a surge kit the car will hit 500kw. Engine runs, revs and accelerates well, and is built to handle track work, though
it has nebever been.
The gearbox is a series 3 unit which is already stronger, and then it has been rebuilt by Gearbox masters with brand new synchros and bearings, alongside a rebuilt shifter unit. The hardened gearbox mount
and fresh internal give a crisp and smooth shift action and make for a nice drive. In addition, the rear diff and subframe, usually neglected on older Nissan's, has been fitted with new bushes so the drivetrain is very tight with no slop and the
car drives and feels very solid.
The suspension has been fully refreshed back and forth with new poly bushes, ball joints and adjustable arms where required. I made sure to get rid of any old or soggy bushings which really debilitate the cars handling. A new set of Tein street coilovers
were fitted and height adjusted so as to minimise bump steer and to handle well, car can be lower and more aesthetic but that wasn't the goal. A Supepro Rear swaybar kit was fitted for much better handling balance (these cars tend to understeer).
The body is in great condition with some usual wear and tear for a 30 year old car. The car has been open door resprayed in Lexus pearl white in the last ten years at some point, it presents very well. It has Series 3 parts such as lights, lips and other
Nismo parts which really enhance the exterior. Always detailed and garaged under cover.
Interior has always been looked after and presents well.
Recently engine, gearbox and differentials have all been serviced.
Rebuilt 5 Speed Manual with Super Atessa and Active LSD rear end
Transfer case checked during rebuild and in great condition
Front differential serviced
Single Turbo, E85
Rebuilt suspension and steering
SERIES 3 Goodies such as Xenon Headlights, Gearbox, Taillights, Steering Wheel
Air Con working!
Rebuilt by APM Performance in 2020
All New Gaskets, Washers, Bolts, Nuts (Mixture of OEM and aftermarket)
All new Silicone hoses throughout including vacuum lines, heater pipes
Fully Rebuilt Block with Ross Raching 86.5mm Piston and H Beam Rods
New ARP Bolts and fittings throughout including MAIN STUDS replaced
Tomei Poncams 264 with Head fully seal checked and new valve seals (APM checked)
JustJap Adjustable Cam Gears
Hi-Octane Baffled Rockers
Nitto Head Drain kit installed
TOMEI Sump Baffle and sump fully cleaned/serviced
Fully Rebuilt Throttle bodies with NISMO Heritage Springs, ball joint rods, gaskets
Throttle bodies Returned and adjusted
REBUILT Airbox Vacuum Box sits under intake manifold with new gaskets, paint
Repainted and conditioned intake manifold
TUFF MOUNTS Engine Mount to prevent lifting at high RPM
Millenium Jade engine covers
Aftermarket Stainless Radiator
MISHIMOTO Electric Fan
Reconditioned R34 Alternator
JUSTJAP Catch can setup
Bosch 2000CC Injectors
Walbro 550 Pump (Fuel Pump relay fitted, Direct Wiring fitted through top hat direct to pump)
SARD fuel rail
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
Tomei Expreme 3.5 Titanium Catback
3.5 Decat Pipe
3.5 Custom Dump with Wastegate Plumb back
TEIN Flex Z Suspension Brand new From Tein Japan (Newer version of Super Street) (Rubber strut tops)
FRONT Lower Control Arm Fully Rebuilt with new 4 ball joint units (Rarely done)
Superpro Front Castor Arms
Superpro Front Camber arms (Inner and Outter Eccentric bush fitted)
Superpro Front swaybar bushes
Superpro Steering Rack Bushes
Gktech rear knuckle bushes including lower shock mount
Superpro Rear LCA with new balljoints
Superpro Rear Swaybar Heavy Duty Kit with Endlinks and Bushes (makes huge difference to rotation and handling)
Rear Adjustable JJ Camber Arms
Adjustable toe and traction rods
Gktech lockout kits
REBUILT steering Rack with new tie rod ends and steering rack ends, Flushed Power steering fluid
Titanium Front Kanzi Style Strut Bar
Non hicas subframe with Whiteline bushes
Gktech diff bushes front and back
Wheels and Brakes
BREMBO Stock Brakes with performance pads and rotors
DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid Flushed
Ce28 style wheels 18x10.5
Yokohama AD08r 265/35/18
Gearbox and Drivetrain
Series 3 Gearbox REBUILT 5 speed gearbox with brand new 1/2/3rd gear synchro done and box resealed by GEARBOX MASTERS
ZSS GEARBOX MOUNTS/Superpro Bracket bushes
Rebuilt SHIFTER assembly with GKTECH OEM Style Short shifter, new socket cup, GKTECH Shifter springs
GKTECH Clutch Line Braided
Slave and clutch systems Bled and Serviced
EXCEDY Heavy Duty Clutch with custom pressure plate for increased power (Drives amazing and very liveable)
Excedy Light weight flywheel
Regreased serviced driveshafts
Hypergear ATR45SS GTX3582R Billet Ball Bearing Turbo 0.82 Housing
Twin scroll ETM Tubular Manifold
Precision 50mm Wastegate External
4 Inch Intake with Aeroflow Metal Filter
TRUST Performance FMIC Intercooler
Tial Style BOV
MAC Solenoid Boost Controller running off Haltech
HiOctane Cam Crank Trigger Kit
Fast Response Intake Air Temp Sensor
HALTECH Platinum Pro with 4 bar map sensor
Wideband gauge wired directly to Haltech (open loop)
Full GPS/MICROWAVE/GlassBreak/Motion Sensor Alarm System installed by Auto Axess (Worth $1500,Top of the line)
RED LED's throughout dash
Alpine Headunit w/Alpine Speakers 6.5 splits
Walbro 550 Pump with all custom wiring and custom top hat with direct low gauge wiring from battery
Series 3 steering
Retrimmed Interior (Seats, Door cards)
NISMO Cluster Dash 320k
Nismo Triple Gauges
Painted Lexus Starfire Pearl White 077
Whole Body has Been Paint Corrected and sealed
Series 3 Xenon headlight, Restored and Coated
Series 3 Front Lip Resprayed Gloss Black
Nismo Front Bumper Vents
Genuine Rear Plastic Pods
Series 3 Tail Lights
NISMO Carbon Blade and Spoiler Inserts
Blower motor/fan not working
Crack in front indicator lense











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