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just wanted to post some new pics


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changed from r34 gtr wheels to used 18in veilside wheels 9.5 fronts and 11in rears. will be fixed and polished soon enough, sorry about the shit quality i dont know how to reduce pics from 500kb to 108.9kb.(disregard the front wheel on the left hand side picture)

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Hey Wreckedhead - Prefer dishes on the R32 but perhaps different to the ones in the Picture. Love the CF bonnet and to really set it off would be clear front indicators.

Just my opinion mate.

EDIT - Check the pics in the post above - Now thats HOT. especially on your white 32 man.

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adz has 18x11 pair of veilsides with twice as much dish

and a set of 18x12 and 18x13 work dishies hehehehe *giggles*

im not gonna have a hope in hell of fitting any of the above under r32 4 door rear guards... but oh well - doesnt hurt to try :thumbsup:

- adz

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