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Z32 AFM Question help!!!


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I purchased these AFM's a while ago, now its time to put them on but... what the!!!! they are slightly different. The second pair has an additional pin. They have the same part number though. Can someone please enlighten me please.

part number is 22680-30P00-A36-000-N62 on both AFM's

pics attached


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You have Z32 AFM's - lucky bugger !

Check my post in DIY section: "save $$$ installing Z32 AFM"

Unless you have a powerFC or other management to interpret the signal, they won't be much use. Factory ECU's will freak out.

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I bought a nice new Bosch Z32 AFM.

Bosch make the AFM's for Nissan, they are exactly the same right down to the little orange sticker & part number.

I lie... :P

The only difference is the missing little nissan stamp under the plug to the left of the airflow direction stamp.

It set me back $285.

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