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News : ANDRA Statement On Electronic Devices


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See below for ANDRA's new take on Electronics. Any questions or queries to the email addy at the bottom.



Sophisticated electronic controls are common in most road cars now and systems specially developed for the rigors and demands of motor sport, providing high levels of engine and vehicle management, or comprehensive data recording functions, are now readily available to professional and amateur teams.

There are good reasons that drag racing has taken a cautious approach. Starts, handicaps, results and performances are timed to the thousandth of a second – in some cases a driver or rider can be disqualified for going too fast. Even before electronics reached the sophistication we see today, ingenious racers were finding ways to “beat the clock”.

Where going too quickly is not an issue, performance and reliability, or a good balance between the two, are paramount. The ability to electronically monitor every aspect of a vehicle’s operation and review and compare the results are crucial factors in tuning and setup decisions.

Drag racing has embraced data retrieval technology but there has been a clear preference for little beyond human intervention where driving, riding or tuning decisions are concerned in the traditional categories. Even the most powerful ignition systems can be controlled electronically now, bringing large capacity supercharged engines within the capabilities of electronic management.

ANDRA rule 4.9.2 states “Except where class regulations permit, no vehicle may be equipped with a computer that in any way effects the operation of the vehicle”. This refers to any reactive device that activates any function of, or in any way effects the vehicle based on the measurement, sensing or processing of any data related to the performance of the vehicle.

Rule 4.9.2 further states that “Where class regulations permit, timed or rpm activated shifters and other automated functions must be preset before a run.”

Current technology can deliver powerful recording and processing functions in a compact package. This is ideal for motor sport where weight and size are always at a premium, and units are now available that combine data retrieval and management functions. Outside some ANDRA Sport Compact categories however, this is effectively prohibited under ANDRA regulations.

ANDRA rule 4.9.3 states “Wiring of any data logger / recorder must be fully visible and traceable by the ANDRA Officials”. Where data logging equipment is physically combined with a processor capable of delivering an electronic management function, whether that function is disabled or not, this separation cannot be policed quickly and easily in the field.

Rule 4.9.3 also states “Data logging/recording devices may be used to record the functions of a vehicle, providing they do not activate any function of a vehicle.”

The activation or use of any port, connection or function with output capability on any data logging device to control or influence any part of a vehicle during a run (e.g. activation of solenoids or servos, control of ignition timing or fuel flow etc.) is prohibited.

ANDRA has appointed officials with expertise in this area, who will be monitoring the use of data logging and other electronic equipment at selected events in 2005. An independent consultant will also be appointed to assess proprietary equipment available to the sport.

A review of the regulations covering devices and systems capable of vehicle/engine management or data retrieval in drag racing applications will be undertaken, and approved units may be listed from the 2005/2006 season.

Written input from manufacturers, suppliers and interested parties is invited and may be forwarded to;

ANDRA Technical Officer;

PO Box 250 Kent Town SA 5071

08 82716988 (fax)

[email protected] (email).

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