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Ok still looking for a RB26DETT have made a post in WTB section can be found.


I found an engine avalible in america but have never imported an engine myself before have been quoted around the 4k mark landed in australia from america which sounds pretty sweet to me. They supply warrenty and do a compression test on the engines before they sell them. Just want to know what anyone else thinks of this or if they have ever done it before. There web site is.


Alsoim selling bits from my old engine stuff that i wont need with the new one, im hopeless at engine bits and the names and peices ive got so if your interested send me a PM and ill send you my number, you can give me a call and organise a time to come down and have a look at it yourself and pick bits and peices you might want or need. I made a post about this is the WTS thread. Here is the link.


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It cost me $200 to get over here from SA.

It arrived today, was just wondering if there is any thing noticeably different beetween a R32 GTR engine and a R33 GTR engine? Like the engine number itself different or anything at all?

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