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Help with my DIMyself compliencing?


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Hello all,

Ive been lurking around for awhiles now as i havent had much to say, but my r32 gts4-t arrived in my driveway yesterday morning after a small wait (oct build, so only a couple months) and ive now got some questions about it.. :)

1. a few of the electricals dont work (rear window wiper, blinkers, sunroof), ive checked the fuses in the engine bay, and the ones in the cabin just under the drivers dash and they all seem fine - are there any other places of fuses?

2. im doing some complience work to save on cash and am in need of ADR standard seat belts. Ive read the DIY Complience thread and his engineer just yanked the jap ones to pass them? has anyone used a set from another car (perhaps aus standard r33?) for this problem?

3. Child restraints - Ive picked some up ($5 from wreckers for three) and looking for a place to put them. i didnt find any holes 'behind the speakers' as the DIY thread suggested :D - has anyone had to make their own holes for this or am i just blind?

4. Spolier Control, i have these two buttons, one with spoiler up and the other with just 'down' on it. i read that these will move the front spoiler about, but mine doesnt. i heard a buzz while my mate pushed it and i listened, but that was all. - just how much is it meant to move at what speed? slowly??

Any suggestions are appreciated :D


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The spoiler sits just behind the lower part of your front bar.....however they often seize up from not being used (I had one that only one side went down)......my suggestion is to remove it.....they do nothing and they are DAMN heavy!!!

As far as compliance is concerned.......I would suggest speaking directy to your engineer as he/she will be able to ACCURATELY inform you of the ruling and guidlines to follow. DO NOT rely on the info in the DIY thread alone as different states require different things (eg: some states you are able to retain the Jap belts others you can't)

Good luck, hope you have alot of fun in your new car.

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well he is in QLD, I'm in QLD.. you're in QLD.

You'll have to look into that electrical problem, as the wipers, indicators, etc are roadworthy items and will need to be fixed anyhow.

child restraints.. just drill them just behind the speaker holes.. They have to be in the center of the seating positions. You will need to rivet them in as well as I believe the standard bolt is not enough for strength.

In QLD I believe changing the seat belts in mandatory as one compliancer I spoke to said this is necessary (whether this was to pretend it was hard work to compliance the car i don't know - suspect) .. I am installing ADR ones anyhow.

Anyhow, I am on getting mine on the road and registered by the end of this month. As I find out various info, I'll post it in the DIY compliance thread.

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