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  1. I mean, I think half the reason they sound so good is because they are not using traditional merge collectors. The original gtsr unit has a flat style collector, the reproductions shown in this thread have angle-cut pipes, but the collection is still "flat". Could one not just use two 3-1 flat collectors and the exact same pipe lengths as the original item? Then again, I can't fabricate so I could be missing something obvious here.
  2. Yep, some googling has revealed some pretty unsavoury stuff. Surely they can't be that hard to make though? It's strange no one else has ever attempted them (excl R31house).
  3. Long time since I have been on SAU but I might be buying a new skyline. Definitely keen on a GTS-R manifold this time. The R31house takoashis are amazing. I noticed a fabricator in Australia is now making replica R31house takoashi style manifolds. The business is "speedtek". They have stainless versions on their Facebook page, and a steampipe version on ebay. Does anyone here know anything about these, and if they sound the same as the original GTS-R / R31house variants. The runner length and merge collector style is essential to the sound these manifolds make, so hopefully speedtek have those lengths correct. The stainless versions look perfect to me. The good thing about a gts-r or takoashi manifold is they sound completely different to any other turbo manifold, including equal length 6boost style ones... Some pics of these speedtek ones I have found are attached. Here's my favourite video of a GTS-R manifolded car. Rb20, itbs, gtsr mani, pure madness. This guys youtube account is pure exhaust porn for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhw8Tpa78wg
  4. Not really related but I have seen these new GTX3067Rs on a few patrols and as for response they are alot less laggy than a 71 or 76r turbo. They go absolutely great with the 4.2 turbo diesel, spool up nice and early with the stock GU pumps compared to a GT3071R which with the same fuel setup was a bit doughy and laggy.
  5. Ok so I know that if you put a bigger tyre on a car, then it will travel faster than indicated. Eg. with standard tyre at 30km on the speedo you will do 30. Bigger tyre at 30km on the speedo you might be doing for example 35. But I just need to know if the relationship between the tacho and speed changes? Eg. with standard tyre at 100km on the speedo you might be doing 3000rpm in 5th gear. With a bigger tyre, I know that the speedo will be out, but will the tacho be out too? Will 3000rpm in 5th gear with a bigger tyre still equate to 100km/h (ignoring the speedo) ? Hope this made sense
  6. Heres a theory. If your pressure plate has collapsed you wont be able to select gears properly. I had a falcon once with a manual box in it. The pressure plate collapsed as I was told by the mechanic and I could not selected gears 3-5 or reverse. Had to drive 40ks home with the first three gears and Ill tell you now to even change into those gears required pretty much every last bit of my strength. Felt as though I was having to pull 50kg every time I shifted the stick.
  7. You must not have looked very hard on ebay theres a few on there such as the link above lol
  8. I had one on my R33. They are illegal, but thats not the point of them. The point of them is to trick authorities into not harassing you for exhaust noise. They also keep neighbours happy and are good on long trips. Never hit boost with the valve closed or else ull blow your manifold and turbo gaskets. This is my old R33. The video doesnt do it justice, when the valve was closed it was like driving a stock car. I also had my remote ditched in favor of a Momentary On/Off switch hardwired. My varex model was a twin inlet/ twin outlet and had the valves on the inlet side so you couldnt see the valves at all. I did this for maximum fooling of the police lol.
  9. Looks good, much better than my first build! Some advice, I see you have it on carpet. DONT BUILD ON CARPET! Carpet can cause a static charge to build up in you. If you touch your mobo or any other circuitry part inside you will wreck it if you give it a static shock. Seen it happen twice now. thankfully not to me. I always work on a hard floor and ground myself before going inside the case.
  10. I need some help and info to understand a bit more about turbos. So I understand that a bigger turbine will spool slower on an engine compared to a smaller one. Most of the info out there comparing turbos focuses on different turbine wheels and housings, but what difference will a different compressor size make between two turbos where the turbine is the same. Items in question are two garretts. GTX3067R : http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=GRT-TBO-260&Category_Code=GTX GTX3076R : http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=GRT-TBO-101&Category_Code= Both have the same hotside, just one has a considerably smaller compressor. But if both turbos have the same turbine and the same turbine housing will they produce say e.g. 15psi at the same RPM on the same motor?
  11. You will again approximately 33hp at 2750rpm by changing a piece of metal at the back of your car to something half to one inch bigger yes do it, it will be sick
  12. I process my RAW files with Silkypix and then they are finished in Photoshop. Not much is done to them. The lightning photos only have white balance correction. The landscapes I have just adjusted the histogram curve with luminosity masks. Also some dodge and burn.
  13. March has been a winner month for me Wing of Fire by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr Blessing in Disguise by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr Into the Burning Dusk by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr Illuminate by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr Just out of Frame by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr Bolt on the Bar by Ben Isaac Photography, on Flickr
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