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  1. Thanks mate, juts after stock bang for buck! Ordered and posted!!!
  2. Thanks everyone, I contacted Hypergear last night!
  3. I've talk to billet turbos! I'm in TAS BTW!
  4. Hi, wasnt geting any boost so after looking at the little stuff, ripped the stock turbo off the r34 GTT and found that the exhaust wheel has less teeth than a Collingwood supporter :-) (sorry just a joke) Any one know of the best place, price, reliability and performance that I should talk to? all suggestions are appreciated! thanks all!!!!
  5. here's my 34, car seats and all! we fit fine, although to be honest the proper pram only just fits and norm just use the stroller. Also have the pathfinder as the main people mover, something like this could be an option, that way you get an off roader to (although a bit soft). The mid to late 90's models (all autos) go pretty cheep with all the mod cons!!!
  6. After had second kid, couldn't do two door any more, got an r34 gt-t. Heaps of room the wife can drive it (handy after a few bevos) but enough fun to have a lash in. Not heaps around but norm at a good price as every boy wants a 2 door manual. Mine $12,500, auto, 71,000ks. To good, would recommend!
  7. Have you checked your plugs? Installed a V500 in my 33 and spent hours going through the same crap as you, in the end computer was just pumping in too much fuel and fouled (drowned) the sparkies!!! A bit of trim, new plugs and then a good tune, all was good!
  8. Thanks for putting me on to the tut, it was great and if I was to do it would be a great guide and managable job. However to keep things nice and easy will just get a manual in the first place as the small differance in price compared to a conversion will bejustified by the factory finish and less stuffing around.
  9. Sorry, I know what box to use, just needed info as to how hard it would be to change over and what is needed. Don't know if it would be worthwhile or if I should just get a manual! The autos are a lot cheeper!
  10. Hi all, driving an R33 gts25t at the moment with a few mods but due to family stuff (2 kids) am thinking of moving to a four door! (Have always said four doors are two to many). Think iv'e got a good price on an R34 gtst but it is auto. Can any one tell me the best swap for this to make manual???
  11. How did you go with the V500, had my R33GTS25t on the dyno with nothing but trouble!
  12. Datdom

    I need some help!

    G'day Tim, thanks for the reply! Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Love to see your car someday!, could you get back to me about any cars to help my cause.
  13. Datdom

    I need some help!

    Thanks for that dude! Appreciate it any how, Wish you were closer DRive well!!!
  14. I'm geting married soon (26 feb 2005) my girl and I need three nice tough skyline's to get my girl and the bridal party to the church. If anyone can help me, please respond!!!
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