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  1. I'm friends with him in real life so can answer a couple of these. Is turbo, unsure on the boost answer. Factory RB25 ecu in it, swapped that one this afternoon to make sure.
  2. RenderedUnsafe

  3. RenderedUnsafe

    Not keen on running a new loom. Seen a few R32 GTR powerfc for sale. Will that work?
  4. RenderedUnsafe

    Just because I literally have no idea with any of this. For example, if I got a rb20 Nistune that will work, but a 25 one won't? All goes off what loom I have? So don't buy a neo ecu essentially?
  5. RenderedUnsafe

    Damn this one fits a neo, that's a no go. Thanks heaps mate.
  6. RenderedUnsafe

    When you say get a GTRLink/Vipec which Vipec is this that will work?
  7. RenderedUnsafe

    RB25Neo/30 A bit stuck, done a search but just confusing the f**k out of me. Got an RB25Neo/30 in my R32. Using the rb20 loom, got a coil conversion loom and rewired the injectors. When it comes to the ECU, what can I actually run? From what I have worked out there is a GTRLink that I can use as it's the same ecu plug. Found a Vipec V88 for a neo, that won't plug in though will it? How do I get around this as it's a good price. cheers.
  8. Error code 34 - knock sensor. A mate of mines skyline is throwing error code 34, he's disconnected the loom and made his own 470ohm resistor one and is using that, has continuity so the cables aren't broken and is still throwing the code. Any ideas?
  9. RenderedUnsafe

    Posting to follow, insane work.
  10. Needing the centre aircon vent, and the one in-front of the passenger side as mine have been cut out. Also need a glove box as the clip in mine is gone and the lever is cracked. Thanks!
  11. RenderedUnsafe

    Thanks mate.
  12. Hey there, have acquired an R32 GTST that will be undergoing an RB25/30 swap later this year, and I am going to make it a GTR lookalike, but struggling to find anywhere in aus let alone Perth that I can buy the parts and have them shipped? Thanks in advance!
  13. I look forward to seeing your future plans.
  14. RenderedUnsafe

    Not generally the biggest fans of R33's but this is so nice. Keep it up!
  15. RenderedUnsafe

    Thanks mate, appreciate it. If I haven't moved to WA by the time the next happy laps comes around. Could I do a bit of a shoot of it somewhere near Willowbank?