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  1. hey mate it is still going i got a club to bring all the skylines of adelaide together with about 500 members in 3 months and growing still!! join Adelaide Skylines Club on FACEBOOK for meet greet cruises help buy and sell and swap skyline parts meet new peeps
  2. ahhh shit that sucks then lmao not keen at all!! trying everything i can to my little knowledge about it that i can do!! first pic id my defect notice lol it really makes no sense at all lol only mods is exhaust, 18" rims ( putting stockies on with snow tyres that my mate lent me lol will they pass them still? ) front mount but taken that off and replaced my chopped front reo bar to a full reo bar and standard front bumper so i can hook up the normal indicators as my other bart had stupid LED ones the cop didnt like!! i had my standard BOV only blocked off with the old coke tin trick and cop caalled it a " BLOW BACK VALVE " and apparantly aftermarket illegal defect lol!!! oh and i had my clear led tail lights that i have changed to normal cop didnt like them either!
  3. ok what will/do they check/go over at this shit hole of a place!? first regency defect just a couple weeks ago want to "TRY" past first go! any pointers tips help would be wonderfull!!!!! and also any Adelaide skyline kids here wanna join my facebook club/group it is : Adelaide Skylines Club for that extra bit of forum help! and cruises!
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