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  1. October Race Meet After a few minor repairs and rebuilding the rear brakes we were ready for the next one. What an awesome day. It felt like I was in the thick of the action all day. I was able to beat my PB twice yesterday, once in qualifying and again the last race with a new PB of 62.8233 shaving half a second from my previous PB. I had a camera issue in practice so only the rear camera worked. I will edit the videos over the coming week and put them up as there was nearly non-stop action all day. The day started with qualifying in 2nd position on the grid. My starts for race 1 and 2 were way better than I have been doing with race 3 start not the best. I basically chased Craig in the WRX all the way to the finish line. Race 2 was the reverse grid, I got a good start but other behind me got a better start and ducked to the inside and Andrew (Souvs) got a horrid start. The conditions were damp with light rain in the first few laps and it was a bit greasy. The opening laps involved chasing Paul and Andrew (Souvs) chasing me. Had my left hand mirror touch the Commodore mid corner which then let Andrew (Souvs) past. The Commodore holding me up a bit is where I lost the points for the day. Race 3 I stuffed the start again. At the end of lap 1 I mowed the lawn down the front straight with a nice save I got back into it from last position. I thought I was stuffed as there 4 of us all within micro seconds of each other to chase down. Ole mate blocker was back but got around him and started to chase down Craig and Paul. I finished race 3 in 2nd place but 3rd for the day on points behind Paul and Brad. It was one of the most satisfying days with close hard racing all day and a new PB. Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
  2. Been a bit busy and thought I better catch up. September Race Meet The tyres were stuffed to begin with so the little tweaks we made since the last race meet did not fully shine. The day started with a lot of understeer especially in turn 8 but we tuned that out by the end of the day. Qualifying was on and we qualified 4th with a 64.5. Race 1 - Time to work on my starts again. Although still not that good they were way better than the last race meet. I started 4th and finished 4th with a 64.29 lap. Race 2 again the start was a bit better. I again started 4th and finished 4th with a best lap of 63.75. The fuel pick up hose fell on the pump in the tank which caused fuel pickup issues 2 laps from home. I had to limp home to finish. Race 3, well the start was not the best but at least I did not stall it. Finished 3rd for the race and the day resulting in the attached trophy. The tyres by this stage were well worn but we still managed a best lap of a 63.9. As we could not fix the fuel pick up hose we tipped 45 litres more fuel into the tank than we needed thanks to Craig so we could have the pump submersed and hope that it would last to the end. All the extra weight made for a bit of hard work but I made it. There were close battles all day. Race 3 saw me having a bit of a dice with a Lotus from the Sports Sedans group and then a VF Commodore Sport Sedan. The Lotus let me through after a lap but I did have to battle the Commodore for a few laps. I gave him a touch in the middle of turn 1 and turn 2 and then later in the lap at turn 8 he was wide to the corner and then come across and clipped my front. Once I got passed I was were able to pull away and put at least 1.5 seconds a lap faster. There was no major damage to the car which is a testament to the front bar and bar mounting support built by Andrew from Maddog Customs. I had a few camera dramas yesterday so I only have Race 3. We finished the day 3rd. https://youtu.be/mFcpDHKm8Oc
  3. I use the AP R3 brake fluid and have not had a problem yet. I advertised 5 bottles that I have which are surplus to my needs at $55 per bottle. Message me here if you want more info.
  4. The 350Z diff and driveshaft conversion was a success. As we have widened the rear track so we were also able to use stock standard 350Z driveshafts. A couple of weeks ago we had our first race meet using the new diff setup (3.5 ratio) and it was successful. We have also now got the PDM to turn the gearbox and diff pumps on at 40deg to send the oil to the coolers. The class we run in has a engine, wheel size wight matrix and at the moment the car is still 100kg too heavy. We will plan some weight saving as were going to rebuild the 25/30 which needs this extra weight but have decided to build a RB25. The last race meet also had a little issue of a left rear leaky seal on the brake caliper which caused some issues in race 3. I also need to work on my starts, they were beyond pathetic! Videos of the last race meet:
  5. Cheers, race 2 was very busy. The first time behind the wheel for 3 years, the first time at Bathurst and the first time with this car configuration! We only had 2 issues all weekend, we overfilled the dry sump tank so our fault which spewed some oil out the back of the car as the catch can over filled and later we found that the driveshaft bolts had loosened off. Calculated top speed was 238 KM/H.
  6. It has been a while since the last update. Bathurst was an experience and a half. It was much more fun and challenging than I gave it credit for. We did ok especially as this was more of a shakedown session for both the car and myself. I started at the back of the grid in 53rd place and finished the weekend in 27th with a PB of 2.35.8533. there was heaps more in across the top and I was running out of revs down Conrod. The videos are here: Race 1:- https://youtu.be/T4IP9x53Pcw Race 2:- https://youtu.be/SalKIfMcw5Y Race 3:- https://youtu.be/v63wPakgZjc Then we came back to Perth and went to our first home round and blew the 3.7 ratio diff. We swapped a spare 4.1 ratio diff and went to the next round. We were running out of revs down the back staright as well, oh well close ratio gear box life! i also had a TPS problem so we were either stalling on the start or spinning the wheels. Qualifying:- https://youtu.be/9YeDqea2Vdo Race 2:- https://youtu.be/nRHX_yOvpys Race 3:- https://youtu.be/eNXmWk0tvFM So now we are in the process of fitting a 3.5 ratio diff fro a 350Z into the subframe using the Gkteck offset bushes and standard 350Z drive shafts. The fit of these will be sorted in the next week or so. With the wider rear track we are hoping that the standard 350Z shafts fit nicely.
  7. racegtst

    Good Tow Cars?

    I have not looked back since getting a Audi Q7. Can tow car, trailer and several hundred kilos of tools, fuel and 3 mates like most cars going to shopping centre. A good 10yo one is now probably under $35k.
  8. I am in garage 20. The other 2 Skylines that I am travelling with are in the garages either side of me. I look forward to meeting you.
  9. Our progress over the Bathurst 12 hour weekend can be followed on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Racegtst-R33-Skyline-Sport-Sedan-1578963345733791/
  10. 3 days before load up day the did not have an engine in it. With a few late nights we got the new engine in, onto the dyno and few loose ends fixed up. The next day it was loaded onto the trailer and then the truck for it's journey to Bathurst.The truck leaves on Saturday and I leave on Tuesday.This is a child hood dream coming true to be able to drive Bathurst in anger.
  11. Cheers for the feedback. I have only had a a handful of laps and so far the box is nice to drive. I am still tuning my flatshift setup so there is a still a few timing issues but that has nothing to do wit the box. Being the sequential I have driven I have no commparrison butt he first thing i noticed is you have to put more effort into pulling the lever going up the gears. Going down is way nicer and easier than I thought it would be.
  12. Time flies since the last update. The car is wired, glass is back in and the bodywork is being finalised. Some new big brakes for the font have been added. The car has now been finished and has had a shake down run. Unfortunetly it dropped a valve during the shake down on Christmas eve. We are doing some final preparations before it gets loaded onto a truck and Bathurst bound fort eh Combined Sedans support race to the 12 hour in a few weeks. So if you are around stop by and say hi. i will be with a red R32 and an orange 4 door R33. There is 3 Skylines travelling from WA for this event. What a place to debut the new version of this car. On a down note the replacement engine will be a RB25 and not my torque monster RB2530. Things left to do are finishing the side skirts and front splitter and finalising the mounting of the rear wing supports in the boot area. Fuel Tank Finished New Brakes with 375mm rotors Tyres mounted to new AME Tracer 18x10.5 rims with 295 Hankook all around Custom door cards and handle Test fitting a standard guard after all the suspension upgrades Giving it a wash before the shake down At the track during the shake down
  13. Been a bit slow in updates again. The brief version is that The engine and gearbox are now back in the car. Some rule changes for fuel tanks had us scratching our head for a while and then we decided to just make one from scratch. So a Radium fuel cell surge tank was ordered and another mate did some CAD drawings fro the laser cutters whilst we got onto cutting the boot floor out and making a frame. The tank has been test fitted and is due to be collected tomorrow from being clear anodised for E85 and powder coated black on the outside for looks. Then some other things got anodised and have been slowly bolted back onto the car. Next up will be the full rewire and whilst that is being done we will make all new braided oil lines. Just to make things a bit harder on ourselves, the car got entered into the Combined Sedans support category for the Bathurst 12 hour in February. This is where the car will be making it's race debut!!! Only 144 days to go.
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