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  1. Yes but no. Start with 450hp and see how it goes. Should go alright with Z221 295 Hankooks all round. I'm running Enkei RPF1's but reading the above might have to look at other options if I get into it again. Koya seem to have some well priced semi forged wheels.
  2. Great work! That turbo is massive!
  3. Stay safe. But also don't be too scared. It was a bad flu for me as it will be for 99% of people. Back onto cars, i'm taking my car to EC on the 25th Jan. First track day in 11 years! Cant wait to see how it goes.
  4. Funny you mention hospital...I am covid positive now! But thankfully all good besides the usual symptoms! Some progress is better than none!
  5. Hey Dan! Glad to see you still working on this thing!
  6. Looking good mate. The tubs and engine bay remind me of the work I did to my car many years ago. Definitely worth doing!
  7. Hey Dan, whats the plan with the new motor and setup?
  8. I wouldnt bother with the intake manifold at this stage. Spend the money elsewhere ie better pistons or rods, better turbo, exhaust manifold, wastegate, fuel system etc
  9. If the solid head is from a reputable seller, grab it. Then take it and have it serviced for peace of mind. To build a head like that will cost a fair bit (price each component individually and then add labour for asembly and port work)
  10. Paint it? Is it a show car? How about making it go a little bit faster? Priorities mate It's looking good as it is, good job with the flares.
  11. Thanks djvoodoo. Will try them this week on the car and see how they go. I have AP racing calipers on front and R32 gtr rear brakes. If they dont clear (seriously why make these type of wheels that don't clear??) might just use them as a pair (for the rear) so will consider selling as a pair if anyone is interested.
  12. I assume they will... ? I am running Enkei RPF1 18x10.5 on the front and it just hits the body on full lock so unfortunately these wont fit on the front hence why I am selling. I bought these before I tried the Enkeis. Its a shame cause its a perfect fit on the rear of my car.
  13. Thanks - I received that message from the mobile app. Pics attached!
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