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  1. 6870 turbo for sale... Cheers
  2. Hi, Mate is selling a Precision 6870 turbo and thought there would be some interest on here. PT6870 Port S T4 divided 1.0rear Turbo made a lazy 550kw on 42psi through a auto on a SR20 4cyl engine it has approx 2000kms on it. Only selling cause going bigger again. Happy to ship at buyers expense $3000ono Thanks His name is Ninos and his number is 0400 198 798. Cheers, John
  3. Congrats on the purchase Dan! Looking forward to the updates.
  4. Not sure if same seller as other group buy? Can you get s13 silvia carbon doors?
  5. Can you get carbon s13 silvia doors?
  6. Thanks. Kelford ST cams. They are the smaller ones so hopefully will help the 6466 come on sooner.
  7. Started working on the car again. Ended up going a 6466 with T4 divided 0.84 rear on a Rex Kelway twin scroll manifold, twin tial 38mm gates with Plazmaman plenum & throttle body. Will be on a SR22VET circuit car. Hopefully will be ready in a few months time so will see how it goes.
  8. its not the same unless you get a good lather! I guess you can back to back it but half the shave depends on the lather! get a cheap one off ebay and lather directly on your face. easy and quicker than in a bowl
  9. Did you buy a brush and shave cream to go with it? If not, then get some asap!
  10. Well done man, you almost are making me want to 1RM deadlift again!! Next time do the 90kg and 130kg sets and then jump straight to 200kg and achieve your goal quicker lol
  11. Nice result. What cooler was on there before? Sorry if I missed it.
  12. I do know the business has been sold and the new owners are now running the business.
  13. Do you have a flex pipe (section) in the dump, is the exhaust mounted on all it's hangers? Is the engine over heating at all?
  14. Ok thanks. Just wanted to clarify. Hope your situation gets sorted out.