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  1. Hey Dan, whats the plan with the new motor and setup?
  2. I wouldnt bother with the intake manifold at this stage. Spend the money elsewhere ie better pistons or rods, better turbo, exhaust manifold, wastegate, fuel system etc
  3. If the solid head is from a reputable seller, grab it. Then take it and have it serviced for peace of mind. To build a head like that will cost a fair bit (price each component individually and then add labour for asembly and port work)
  4. Paint it? Is it a show car? How about making it go a little bit faster? Priorities mate It's looking good as it is, good job with the flares.
  5. Thanks djvoodoo. Will try them this week on the car and see how they go. I have AP racing calipers on front and R32 gtr rear brakes. If they dont clear (seriously why make these type of wheels that don't clear??) might just use them as a pair (for the rear) so will consider selling as a pair if anyone is interested.
  6. I assume they will... ? I am running Enkei RPF1 18x10.5 on the front and it just hits the body on full lock so unfortunately these wont fit on the front hence why I am selling. I bought these before I tried the Enkeis. Its a shame cause its a perfect fit on the rear of my car.
  7. Thanks - I received that message from the mobile app. Pics attached!
  8. Hi, Selling a brand new set of Cosmis XT-006R wheels. Never fitted and still in the boxes. Size of all 4 are 18x11 +8mm 5x114.3. They are chrome lip with black spoke with machined lip. Price is $1800. Located in Sydney. Can't post pics as forum has "disabled media sharing"...? Google search please or sms for pics. Thanks John 0403 434 495
  9. Selling a set of 4 Advan 17 wheels with Federal RS RR semi slicks. Wheels 2 x 17x8 +35 2 x 17x9 +38 5 stud 5 x 114.3 Wheels have been repainted by me last year in matt black. They were cleaned, sand blasted, sanded and then painted. They came out pretty good for a home job! They are still in good condition except for being dirty. Maybe some small nicks but no buckles or any issues. Tyres are mounted on rims. 235 40 or 45 17 255 40 or 45 17 Tyres were purchased last year and have done just over 1,000 km if that! Tyres are virtually brand new! Price is $600 o.n.o Tyres are worth more than that alone! Located in Kingsgrove Sydney. Don't think I can be bothered sending by post so prefer pick up. I won't separate tyres. PM or call/sms on 0403434495. Thanks Don't have any current close pics but can take and send if needed.
  10. It'll probably post upside down lol I don't have a pic of the 512rwk graph but this will give you an idea.
  11. Yeah that's fair enough. A lot less work and for what you need ie 20mm, probably overkill going to bolt on flares.
  12. You asked! Lol Thanks, had surgery done. FML. Cannot wait to get home and flog this thing.
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