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  1. Yeah that's fair enough. A lot less work and for what you need ie 20mm, probably overkill going to bolt on flares.
  2. You asked! Lol Thanks, had surgery done. FML. Cannot wait to get home and flog this thing.
  3. Don't have the 512rwk graph photo. But gives you an idea of the response... oh and it had a boost leak on the dyno which impacted response by a few hundred rpm or so [emoji6]
  4. On holidays and got a kidney stone. Been in hospital for 5 farkin days!
  5. Lol i'm on my phone in a hospital in Greece, give me a break!
  6. Hope it's not upside down. Bay is filthy!
  7. I've only driven it on 20psi and that was 4th gear hit on the freeway. I haven't turned it up yet! Quick enough lol It's a 6466 T4 twin scroll. Fantastic response for 4 cylinder and makes top power. There's still heaps more in it but I'm happy for now.
  8. Lol got ya!
  9. Don't know why the pic is upside down and don't know how to delete the above blank post! As you can see I only have the enkei on the rear wheels in this pic... I have always liked the bolt on flare... personal preference!
  10. I've done the bolt on flares on my car Dan. It fits the 10.5 wide wheels with 295. I think they are 40 and 50mm or 50 and 60mm??
  11. Yeah mate been a while! Have had so many things on the go recently. I'm os at the moment on holiday. The car made 512rwk on 34psi with full boost at 4300rpm on JEM dyno (conservative tune) so quite happy! Still more things to do as there always is. Plan on taking it to the track soon, hence the AR1 interest. All in time!
  12. Hey Dan! Just read the thread. Car is coming along nicely and looking pretty good! GTR project also looks great! Great to see you picked up the AR1's. Will be interesting to see the difference, I'm betting it will be substantial to your previous setup. I've read they are very good and was considering them in the 295 size. Will watch on with interest [emoji4][emoji106]
  13. I haven't posted the results of my 6466 on a SR22VET. On the JEM dyno, it made 512rwk on 34psi with 34psi on board at 4300rpm (from memory). Haven't run it at the creek yet.
  14. 6870 turbo for sale... Cheers