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  1. Cheers lads, one of the bulbs only had one element. Lights are now working as intended. 👍
  2. -_- I feel like I only come here when I have issues..I really need to start contributing more. As per title my four door 32 has some electrical bullshit going on. Im still building it and just in the process of getting it street legal...Whenever the brake pedal is pressed the cluster lights and the park lights come on, it did have a blown tail light fuse and the park lights didn't work at all. Also worth noting...turning the park lights on by the switch works fine but the brake lights are very bright for the running mode, pressing the brake makes them go a little bit brighter but not much. I'm convinced a previous owner has been pissing around with the wiring as you can see by the red wire in the pic going down to the ignition barrel from the fog light switch...but I dont even know where to begin Anyone had issues of this kind?
  3. I have seen many many threads of people going down the rabbit hole with RB misfires. Playing the game of buying all the things until one fixes it :), it seems for them though the car barely idles at all..
  4. Hello, Ive just completed my Rb25det neo swap into my r32. Its having a miss on idle, I get RB's dont idle great anyway but i just wanted to get an idea on what might be causing it. Below vid sounds a bit like my car (but isnt my car) My engine is fully stock, just front mount and a walbro fuel pump. I have a cheap FPR I'll chuck in to make sure its not getting too much fuel. I have only done one pull since the swap and it felt ok, I just wanted to make sure it was safe before I take it for a proper drive. Cheers
  5. Is there any chance this could be detonation if the injectors were wired up wrong or something. I can't find any videos online of what detonation sounds like.
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a Rb25det neo 2wd from a local engine importer. Got it fired up today and it sounds like this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OPOKP1BBgA Open downpipe. Any ideas?
  7. Good morning,So I have in my possesion an r32 Im building to go sideways every now and then.It has an RB20det currently but the head is cracked, my friend is going 25det in his r34 and doesn't need his 25de neo anymore.My main question is can I throw on the 25det turbo from my 20det on to the 25de neo plumb it all in and wire it all up but still retain the factory 25de ecu?If I was to +t it I would only run wastegate pressure of 7psiIf not was is my best cheapest option for ecu?Thanks
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