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  1. Hey, I just removed my twin set up and I have tomei dumpipes. I'll take some picks when I get home. Pm me ur number. I also have -5 turbos for sale etc
  2. Hey SAU, This is my actually 1st post. So the time has come for me to move away from the twins and go single. Today I removed the plenum / turbo side n radiator. Heres some pictures. The plan for this car is - Run E85, service the cylinder head and upgrade the springs n valves, leave the bottom stock, single turbo, upgrade the ECU to Haltec. In one of the turbo coolant line I found 3 piece of dry sealant, which was restricting the coolant flow (lucky I move to single conversion). =D BTW I would like to get some advice on where to drop my cylinder head to get serviced/tested.
  3. thats Guys n Girls. Im going to go with flex. The nearest E85 servo is 20mins away.
  4. Hey SAU, I cant make my mine to go flex fuel or straight E85. Its not a daily driven car (2-3 times a wk) still stock motor with -5 will all the bolt ons. I just want to squeeze a bit more power. TIA
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