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  1. Tell me exactly what doesnt make sense i tried to be as specific as possible. I think i have a bad injector. mechanic said fuel was leaking past the piston ring
  2. So basically, I wanted to find out what my rough idle was once the car was warmed up and he said it sounded like an air leak, he then proceeded to pour some water over the injector area. and when he got to the last injector he saw it was smoking after pouring the water and said the o ring inside needs to be replaced. I did get the injector out but the o-ring looks like brand new.
  3. Ok thanks, I had a leaky fuel injector according to a mechanic he sprayed it with water and we saw steam or something. I pulled out the injector and the seal looks in great condition, so thinking is it even the injector?
  4. Hey Ben, I was hoping to get your opinion on aftermarket fuel injector o-rings, do you think it's a bad idea?
  5. Oh man sorry to bother but one very last thing a while back i lost my fuel rail spacer and used a metal washer, can this cause injector leaks?
  6. Ah ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure when u put the key on the "on" positon, (before the cranking to turn the car on) that the spark plug doesnt actually fire up
  7. I would assume the crankshaft doesnt rotate until the car is on? thanks for the speedy response man. One other thing if i may ask can fuel injector spray out fuel without the return line hooked up?
  8. Hey all, so I can't find a guide on it but when you turn on the key to the "on" position (the one where all the electronics turn on, but not cranking the actual car) do the spark plugs fire up? or is it only when you actually crank the car the spark plugs fire? Also will the car turn to the "on" position with the coilpacks disconnected?
  9. If rings are seized it just might work? If they are snapped i would understand why it wouldnt
  10. So I was doing research on oil rings going bad they can either seize up or break. If they are seized do you think it's a terrible idea to fill every piston all the way to the top with seafoam and let it sit for a few days ( I will of course not start the car until on the cleaner is gone, and will change the oil before i start the car). Hydrolocking is the main concern of course, but should the seafoam completely dissolve after a few days of sitting?
  11. Yeah I think you're right. I can't visualise the whole process and if I can't it's probably a bad idea for me.
  12. Ah ok. I csnt find to find any COMPLETE guidea on this valve job. Know where i can find one?
  13. No I'm saying the crank can push the piston to hit the valve.
  14. No idea what it is lol. Is it that valves ca t open or close if cams removed?. At tdc are ALL valaves on ALL cylinders closed?
  15. Yea I seen the pliers but the procedure is confusing. It makes sense for the first cylinder how to do it put the rope down, put piston to BDC then put it out with the compression tool, etc. but everyone seems to do it with the timing chain or belt REMOVED when rotating the crank pulley. wont this make the valve hit pistons?
  16. its a sr20. I don't imagine it would have something to do with the intake manifold if I forgot to connect something. but can't imagine it would be. Was thinking of resetting the ecu . What I did is put the plumbing back to stock cause the previous owner messed around with it a bit but the blow off valve or whatever the PCM is loud as hell when shifting gears lol.
  17. I did so many times and latest is 130 across the board. But problem is there is oil on the pistons so that might be sealing it up. I had different readings each time but the car wasnt working then but now the latest is 130.
  18. Do you think it could be the pcv valve? Reason i ask cause is i remember cleaning it out a while ago and there is a bit of rattle when you shake it but if you shake it in certain positions you cant hear any rattle.
  19. I was thinking one of those but even if they are the culprit csn it really lose THAT much oil in only 200km or so?this is 4ltr of oil. also how to test this?
  20. Hey man i noticed about 200km ago i changed my oil and its almost all gone! I went to pull up the dipsrick randomly to check and noticed the bottom part of the dipstick only had oil on it! now im worried that ive cause major internal damage. do you think this has to do with the valve guides?
  21. thanks man but wouldnt i here if i had a vacumm leak? would this cause oil fouled spark plug to? car also has some fuel smell inside i tighted the exhaust manifold cause a while ago it smoked and it made alot of difference but then i could smell it again.,
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