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  1. I know you posted this back in 2017 but I'm traveling down the same path. I located the short roof adapter and feet but I'm still on the hunt for a working fit kit. Now the parts that match the feet are all obsolete so the information and parts are harder come by. In the 1228 setup that you referenced it looks like the last post has pictures that don't work. In that one the bracket is too short. It doesn't allow the rubber to sit above right or the crossbar to be parallel to the ground. Did you find a fit kit that worked? I'm now looking for the fit kit 2121 which has bracket 08 and rubber 26 but I've only been able to find them separated.
  2. Really wish someone answered you about the bottom track because I'm having the same issue 10 years later and I'm not having a lot of luck on a solution.
  3. 2 months ago I purchased a newly imported 1993 R33 GTS25T. I looked at it and negotiated with the importer for about a month before I finally caved and bought it. I was amazed by it because aside from the wheels and the stereo, it is completely stock. It has some faded paint and a worn interior but other than that it looks like it just came from the factory. I already finished the interior and I'll have exterior done in the next 2 months as soon as I finally get all the dmv paperwork back. I couldn't have completed the work that I've done so far without this forum and look forward to continuing to using all the information gathered here.
  4. I just had the same issue. I have a 93 R33 and I installed an android head unit with 2 usb inputs. I have 1 usb run through the center console to my phone in the center pocket and then the other is run to 14 pin consult cable that plugs to the car. I have Nissan Data scan 1 downloaded to the tablet and theoretically I could have on-board diagnostics through the head unit at all times. The issue is that when it's plugged in, the car turns off the power steering and turns on the Hicas dash light. From the above it seems like that combined with no speed being registered on the Nissan scan means that the plug is wired incorrectly. Has anyone confirmed that the cheap ebay plug is the issue and if so has anyone tried re-wiring as opposed to buying a new plug?
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