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  1. I posted this over in the Stagea Forum, but came to dead ends.. hoping to get a little help here. I own a 97 Stagea. Had Heater box Servo issues and while in the process of removing all the things, I made this discovery. My A/C box has been modified (cut into) and had filters fit. This is not normal, as filters were not a thing until later on (S2 Stagea). Once I removed the box, I saw Laurel inside. I also notice the box does not fit as you would expect it to for OEM. I can only assume this is a mod that Laurel owners 'might' (?) make. Any thoughts?? Since the box is cut open, I have two courses of action... find replacements, or insert the empty ones. Would like filters. BTW: These are definitely NOT Stagea filters. Pics below.....
  2. Thanks for replies, but these are NOTHING like the S2 (or equivalent) filters. I wish it was that easy. These are probably some one-off thing that a previous owner did. Below are the S2 (and/or equivalent) and the one's I pulled out of my car.
  3. This is exactly what I mean! Thanks. The box was cut. And looking at all the pics I can find on the S2 filters, these are not the same. The outside of the filter is the shape of the edge of the A/C box. It's weird
  4. I am in the process of refreshing everything under the dash - heater core, ducting, blower motor, etc. And I made a discovery. It appears someone has modded the existing Air Con box to fit two filter elements. Only problem is, they are nothing like the ones Nissan actually used later on in the Stagea. I have also verified that the air con box is period correct for the car. I have been scouring the internet (and this site) trying to find information on their replacement, but NOTHING. There are no distinguishing markings on the filters. The bottom one was secured with a screw in the bottom, and there was a metal clip holding the two together. The bottom one is removed first, then the top slides downwards and out. The elements were DISGUSTING! I tried to clean them, and they fell apart. Still... nothing is probably safer than the festy things that were there. Any info is greatly appreciated... I don't even know where to begin. But I would like to replace them.
  5. WTB: Silver trim piece around radio (triple din) area Recently bought a Stagea. ALL interior trim pieces were re-done in an 'interesting' purple velvet coating. I have been able to source and replace everything inside, except for the trim piece around the center triple DIN. Please help. Thanks!!! BC
  6. Are you still parting this car out? I am interested in some interior bits, please DM
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