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  1. So there are 2 major areas I need confirmation with circled in red. I am in the process of piecing my single turbo setup and am eliminating some OEM vacuum sources. I've circled the areas of reference on the image attached 1) Charcoal canister : I've eliminated this (it's a track car). Is it ok if I loop both of these tubes behind the passenger side of the valve cover (pink and yellow) with one vacuum line? 2) Boost control lines: The OEM boost control setup was removed along with the turbos, of course. Per the green line it looks like this tubes route to an outlet on the bottom of the collector/plenum. I should plug this up, correct?
  2. Does anybody know if this intercooler will fit with the stock charge piping configuration? HKS does not address this on their product description
  3. Oh my gawd when will Garrett gift us these with T4 twin scroll
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what i'm doing. Removing the front one to fit a 3/4 BSP to -10AN for the oil return. The rear one is getting blocked as well. Anyways, for future reference, I ended up jacking it up even a little higher and swiveling out with some muscle. It's doable
  5. May I ask how you’ve managed to remove the mount this way? I’ve done this and have loosened up the mount but it is still lodged between the stud and the block...
  6. Thanks. It’s ok if I leave the driver’s side bolted?
  7. Any tips or tricks on removing this piece? Is this a 24mm? It's lodged in pretty well between the motor mount and the AC bracket.
  8. Hi all. I’m currently installing my EFR7670 setup on my R33 GTR and have some questions on finishing it up Should i route the water feed line from the feed line coming from the back of the engine and T to the block, similar to the stock turbos setup? Can I just do the water feed from the block near cylinder 5 without having to bring in the rear line from the other side of the motor? Should I follow BW’s directions and plug the water feed on the bottom side and water return from the top side of the turbo? What’s the max boost I should consider? I know it runs on the smaller side but want to avoid over spinning the turbo (it’s a EWG 1.05 AR)
  9. Thinking you're probably right
  10. Looking for the charge piping on a Greddy T78 kit- the one that goes from intercooler to compressor. I will pay the cost + shipping to the US. Please let me know
  11. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the set I bought. Solid crimps. Flex fuel is now live. Cheers gents. One more question: The aux connectors have 4 wires attached to the ECU and it came like that from Haltech. Does anybody know what exactly these are for? It looks like pins 6, 5, 14, and 13. Pin 5 looks like its for VVT output which I don't have Pin 6 looks is a spare output Same for 13 and 14 I was wondering if I can remove them to have the aux output only attached to sensors through out the car (and not the ECU as well)
  12. I actually ended up practicing removing the existing pins in the connector by removing them and reinserting them making sure they lock, based on instruction I received from Haltech. I have it down now. I'm awaiting for the below crimper which seems acceptable for the job. I hope i'm all set now to finish the job for the upcoming weekend. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WSCJVMD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Cheers, this really helps. I've even called Haltech and they've expressed what a PITA this tyco 16 pin connector is. I'll be relocating the ground to ECU but I think i'll keep the power tapped to the fuel pump relay. I hope this won't Do you think this will be a problem?
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