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  1. Speaking of Alonso's 'GP2 engine' call, would this years McLaren even be competitive against GP2 cars??
  2. Just need to bring back refuelling and get rid of the engine fuel-flow limits and we're golden
  3. Do you have the driver's side dash top vent (the one that aims at the window), and the rectangular surround piece where the passenger seatbelt goes into the rear side trim panel?
  4. cool, you're close by. I'll get back to you after the weekend
  5. and who could blame him, pedaling the current dog of a McLaren
  6. I'd rather a scissor jack than a Renault
  7. side skirts and rear bumper will be no different fitting wise
  8. Need to contact him about parts i'm buying. Pm replied nearly two days ago but hasn't he read message yet. Any help appreciated
  9. Does anyone know if you can use R32 GT-R rotors on R33 GTSt's? the caliper setup is identical
  10. Prolly a better gig than being a perennial back marker
  11. 3L TT V8's with 1000hp would be cheaper, more reliable and more spectacular
  12. Massa is preferable to Vettel as far as team bosses are concerned... And it's good to see that retarded last race double-points malarkey is getting scrapped
  13. Wasn't Honda footing the bill for Gonzo?
  14. So are McLaren keeping Kevin for a testing role?, or will he 'do a Sergio' now?
  15. winner winner, chicken dinner
  16. that was a tedious read. never read it anywhere, but what is 1MRT's 'grid slot' supposed to be worth?
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