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  1. You mean like SAU did at wakefield last year? (Powertune R34 driven by John Boston) Or Evo Oz did at Bulahdelah (Pulse racing Evo driven by Paul Mcckinnon)?? If SAU didnt run the Powertune GTR you wouldnt of won the event. Yet not a single person complained about it. The other clubs said well done and see you next year. i think you are missing the purpose of this event, it is to get a wide range of cars and drivers together to enjoy a cheap if not free day of racing... If a pro driver brings a 200K car. Great. He gets the biggest trophy. We are not racing for sheep stations, we are racing for fun, i think some people have forgotten that part of it. As soon as people (including me) stop enjoying the event, i will stop running it. 2016 is costing us 30k extra to run Bathurst and SMSP GP. The 30 extra entries we have available might give us 15K (at the most) these entries wont have anything to do with the club point system, They will collect points for the drivers championship though.
  2. Yeah this is something we are looking at..i have a wrx club that are interested in joining next year. their application said something about Skylines being nuggets and they wanted to prove that" i think i might have to give them a spot. i am also toying with the idea of opening a limited number of spots up to general members of the public. This means that people can purchase series entries at a good price and drive in all 4 rounds not linked to a club, but going for a drivers championship. thoughts?
  3. Just wanted to say congrats to SAU and its members for a huge effort this year. The bonus points were put in place to stop teams stacking certain rounds, the choice to stack worked for SAU this year, But remember this, if you had 1 car that did all 4 rounds, you would of won by 30 points. 2016 will see a revised bonus points system (if any at all) Please remember this event is designed to be fun first and foremost, those who get upset about it really should take a step back and realise that it is all meant to be a bit of fun and a good excuse to go away racing for the weekend. The event is still young, and i am learning new things every round. 2016 will be huge and limited spots will be open to general members of the public. Thanks to everyone that gave up their time for this years series... We had a blast running it. Bigger and better next year, we are heading to some of the biggest tracks in Aus. Stay tuned for more info on this.
  4. If the results are anything like last year, we are in for a very close series, the top 20 cars that have already entered have run 10s or better and i have heard rumors of a few 9 second evos driving to the event to stir things up.
  5. You have some skills mate... Cant wait to see this beast on the hillclimb at Bulahdelah
  6. Thanks for coming guys... Its always good to meet people that form clubs like SAU. i have passed on my thanks (and yours) to our technical staff as they spend alot of time to try and make these nights both interesting and relevant to the clubs we present too. We always have room for improvement, but i think we are starting to get there. We have alot of fun at work (as you might be able to tell) but our main focus is just telling our story. We dont have the massive marketing budgets of some other oil companies, so what better way than to open our doors and have a chat with people. The info you gave John last night was invaluable . Myself and Blayne have been pushing to create a very special product only available online and limited to clubs that compete in the Nulon Nationals. (plus civics with stupid motors in them) Last night may have made us 1 step closer to allowing us to do this. If you have any follow up questions regarding lubricants or suggestions we are always happy to help. my email is CD@nulon.com.au or just send me a PM here... thanks again guys. some photos from our photographer will be posted in the next few days.
  7. we wont be videoing the night, but maybe we can get some of the guys that attend to have a Q & A with members after the event, or if you want to direct any specific questions to me i will forward it to the tec guys.
  8. Veggie pizza is not a problem.. i few of us eat veggie pizza as they taste better (just dont tell anybody) also if you want to bring a friend, that is okay by us as well. just let me know before 4:00pm this arvo so i can order more food.
  9. Morning guys... still plenty of spots available. we can fit 75 people if we need to. Although the smaller the group the better it is as you get more 1 on 1 time with our engineer and chemists. 6:00-6:30pm arrive and park up (we will have a few photographers on site to get some photos for the club) 7:00pm tec talk starts (each speaker will have 20 mins to talk about various things) 8:00pm question time 8:15pm dinner in the form of filthy pizzas 8:30pm factory tour - we will probably do this is 3 groups so it is smaller and you can ask more questions 9:30pm finish up and loiter out the front trying not to bring attention to ourselves We are going to talk about a few things including E85, oil temp, oil pressure (big thing on the RB motors) but we will start with the basics in lubrication as everyone will have different levels of experience on this topic any questions just shoot me a message or post them up here In the mean time, here is a video of what you are going to have a tour of tonight:
  10. Perfect question... i could answer it now, but where is the fun in that. Another question i have is, How many of you are running E85?
  11. Thanks for the interest guys...We always like having clubs come for tours as some really nice cars seem to fill our carpark. We will have a couple of photographers attending to shoot the meet so we should get some cool shots from it. in terms of the talks itself. We are happy to be guided by you on this. One thing i have asked the guys to talk about is oil issues with Straight 6 motors, sometimes spending 2K on a Nismo pump isnt going to solve the issue like you thought it would. We are also going to do some work on E85 oils. This is a big issue right now as some of the biggest oil companies in the world dont have an E85 oil. what else do you want to hear about? the talks go for about an hour, Then we have dinner and do a tour of the facility. We will also be handing out some sample products so let me know which oils you would prefer so it makes our job a bit easier. See you all next week.
  12. HI guys, just to clear a few things up, we designed these courses to be hard for you guys on purpose.. It was either that or put classes in place, (under 2L over 2L AWD RWD and so on) we had a big gap between SAU, EVO OZ and the MX-5 and 86 clubs last year, so what we did was add a Gymkhana round into the series to give the MX-5 and 86 cars a chance to score some good points before you blow them away on the drag strip and hillclimb (not as much) Some of you may not like it, but it worked, Coming in second and third right now are the cars that will come in last and second last at the drag strip. This is a much better way to level out the field as the last thing i wanted was to have to put classes in place. As far as Eric`s run, we are looking back at the paper time sheets now (might be after work for some) to see what happened, we had 2 different timers on the day so i will personally look at both sheets to see what the story is. Sorry for the mix up and i will get to the bottom of it within 24 hours, i have complete faith in the Club that ran the event and just so everybody is clear, the timers that were recording the runs were not from any of the clubs, they were paid employees with no ties to anyone. (except they all love evos so watch out) My memory is not good at the best of times but the video Eric posted looks alot like a course i drove, yet i didnt drive course 8. i am more wrong than right when it comes to this stuff though. will let you know what i find tomorrow. Glad people enjoyed the event, Bring on round 2
  13. Its going to be a cracking day guys... Racing from 9:00am until 5:00pm, at that time we will introduce 1 big course that takes the whole pan up and give each driver 1 crack at it... "One hit wonder" will sort the men from the boys.
  14. they are in the proccess of makeing them legal. lots of work to do on them though. you can import them and register them on the road if you have owned them in the UK for 2 years or more i think. a family friend has one that was registered in NSW around 3 weeks ago. the thing is crazy, it is as quick as my bike and sounds like a jet. watch out at eastern creek next month for it.
  15. he looks very expensive though... $2750.00 for an R33 GTR?? ouch
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