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  1. SAU crew should be the same across all platforms. Anyone still playing online. I feel like stealing a tank and a jet again. Been years lol
  2. still sound like a top bloke even after all these years scarifier
  3. Time to clean out the garage. Parts and prices listed below R32 GTST ARC Intake - $250 Unused new R32 Bride door trims - $200 (missing one speaker grill) R32 front/rear strut braces - $150 pair R32 GTR latch and stand - $125 R32 Carbon Pillar pod - $175 (real carbon) brand new unused Vibe space 12" and box - $250 Soundstream 12" - $30 R32 GTR smoked indicators - $160 (brand new unused) RB25 BMI rail and sard 800cc injectors - $500 BM50 ABS BMC - $80 All parts located on the Central Coast, NSW
  4. its common. Just sift it and it will be fine. Or just use it clumpy but blend the shit out of it
  5. lots of games coming in the next month. Should be good. I honestly have like 2 games for it as the rest are shit....bit dissapointed with the game lined up but the system itself shits all over the xpox 1
  6. gauging some interest in my meisters. Brand new never fitted wheels to them. Test sat on the hub but not bolted/tightend Specs are below Front R type (clear big calipers) 18 x 9.5 -30 Rear O type 18 x 11.5 - 47 colour is FSII not for the faint hearted! pics dont really do them any justice. looking for around $3500 but open to offers located Central Coast NSW Rears Fronts
  7. genetics absolutely play a part in the overall scheme of things. Birds you are very narrow minded when it comes to this and your stand alone opinion does not mean you are right! a true ecto while infact have completely different muscle fibres to that of a mix or meso/endo. This infact determines how hard/easy it is to build muscle and strength given the above it is absolutely true that an ecto can become a body builder and become a massive kent, however this is going to include far more focus on dietry and routine plus dedication more than the others (not saying the others dont either) in saying that if they are completely lazy or do not infact work on the diet and what not then i would agree that "blaming genetics" is an excuse for the fact that they are not dedicated in the goal at hand
  8. as above need standard R32 GTST struts ASAP. Located on central coast and new ASAP. dont need to special just so the car can roll
  9. have adjustable arms coilovers (need standards to replace tho) have R32 gtr front bar have coilovers
  10. and your not going to fatz!! Nail his balls to the wall! Longer you leave it the worse for you it will be!
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