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  1. Personally id rather wear the cost of the MLS, buy a genuine one and have him fit that. Still cheaper than doing it all over again You might be lucky but the stock gasket is def more forgiving
  2. It sounds like you have something else wrong. You are only able to adjust the relief. Oil will not reach this pressure at idle and you should not be taking that long to get the oil temp up
  3. I dont understand how the cooler piping could be around the wrong way? Airflow in, airflow out. Makes no difference which way it goes
  4. Yeah 100% agree with this. There are usually pretty specific roughness ratings required for a good seal on an MLS. Dont just assume that MLS are always better. Std gasket will be fine by the sounds of what you are after. If you build an engine from the ground up, thats the time to think about MLS. ARP head studs are a better idea.
  5. I dont really see a problem here. Cold oil is thicker so you will run higher pressure until it warms up. As far as I'm concerned, 60psi at full revs is far too low. Mine runs around the same oil pressure when its warm, im not sure why yours is so high when its cold. Simple fix - dont rev it until its warm. Im guessing you have an oil cooler? Does it have a thermostat in the system? Sounds like it doesnt. My oil gets up to temp after about 5-10 mins of light driving
  6. The cams have grooves cut in them for this reason. Should be able to remove the head with cams in place, just have to rotate them to the right spot
  7. If you remove the spring you will have no pressure....
  8. I believe you can add or remove shims. I'm not sure why you would want it as low as 60psi at full revs though You have to take the sump off to get to the relief
  9. Eh.... sell the SSQV I think the pipes have different mounts but not sure
  10. Jump another car to it and run both then try again. This should eliminate alternator or battery
  11. Is the evaporator clean so air can flow through it freely?
  12. Why didnt you just get your turbo highflowed? Bolts back in the same + more durable. I know you were trying to do it cheap but im guessing now you are seeing why buying things off Ebay and trying to make them work isnt the best idea
  13. Ahh i just went to whatever R34 GTT book came up.