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  1. Having to unplug the TPS to start it suggests that there is something wrong in the tune. The TPS is part of the reference for what cell of the tune the car is in so i would say unplugging it puts it in the "right" cell to start or puts it in some sort of default. Would take it to a good tuner. If there is only an issue at startup, it cant be anything to majorly wrong with the TPS
  2. 89CAL

    There was a site you could buy all the different connectors from. I cant remember it unfortunatly. Im not much help lol
  3. Is this helpful? Its for an RB26 though as my manual must be for an s2 gtst (no ignitor pack)
  4. 89CAL

    What is the problem specifically? You can buy the harness from the plug to the light FYI For about $25 each Replaced mine a while ago
  5. If you have a VIPEC you can watch the TPS voltage on your laptop. You can also do a TPS calibration with the VIPEC software. You should be able to see if is seeing the throttle at 0% closed and 100% at Wide open throttle. If this is the case it wont need calibrating Take it back to your tuner?
  6. 89CAL

    92425-70T00 Bought one for mine a while ago. Looks like it was about $30 from Amayama back then Not a GTR but cant see them being any different. Mine is just 2 x plastic joiners on a metal bracket Check on here: http://jp-carparts.com/nissan/partlist.php?maker=nissan&type=80&fig=278D&part=9242570T00&page=1
  7. 89CAL

    Wow, read things before you post them. I cannot make any sense from this
  8. Remove intermidiate shaft?
  9. 89CAL

    The check valve on an RB25 is in the oil cooler not the block I thought the standard restrictors had check valves but guess not. As I said previously, I never gave it a second thought. 5 years later and my head is still fine As for the above about rotating the cams etc. And there being score marks - something else is going on there. I rotated mine several times while building my engine and no marks/scoring Engines are not that fragile that they will die after 2 seconds without oil (at idle) on startup. Have you ever watched how long it takes for oil pressure to come up after doing a service?
  10. Yeah pretty simple, Whatever got a vac/boost signal off the original manifold, is going to need one on the new manifold To make it simple: - Boost Gauge - Fuel pressure reg - Carbon canister - (Pretty sure) the last one is a larger nipple for the PCV
  11. 89CAL

    My stock oil restrictors were check valves from memory. I pulled them out and put smaller restrictors in as per the guide floating around and havent had any issues with it though
  12. It will be a short accross the wiring i would say. The boost gauge reads by sending power to a sensor, getting a signal back (in a voltage) and the third wire is ground If you think about it like this, most 3 wire sensors share the same principal, 5v in, 'x'v out and 5v - 'x'v to ground So it sounds like either you have picked a wrong wire somewhere or there is a short from the 5v to the signal wire. So the gauge will always be reading max Have you got a multimeter? Check the voltage going to the gauge (i will assume its 5v or 12v depending on what voltage it uses) now work back to the sensor and see if it has 5v out. You can also unplug the sensor and test to see if it is the sensor plaing up (e.g. if you get 5v out of the signal wire with the sensor plugged in and 0v with it unplugged it may indicate a sensor fault) Check all the wires and see if what they are reading makes sense
  13. 89CAL

    Isn't that a fusable link?
  14. Touche Now that you mention it i do remember these Disregard my comment
  15. 89CAL

    Your not the first person to do this. Im sure its not as hard as he is making out. I would take above advice He is contradicting himself and in my opinion whenever someone is doing that, they arent real sure what they are doing