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  1. There a couple of different lengths. Best to measure all and buy some new ones or you should be able to buy a kit for these from Autobarn (I believe they sell these) or ebay should sell a kit if you can wait a little
  2. Maybe Nissan? You know, the company that built the car/gearbox
  3. The switch for the brake pedal just has a plastic nut holding it on from memory? That will be your issue. I had the part that reacts on the switch fall off mine once so was an easy fix but sounds like yours might be the switch itself
  4. My R33 Nismo mounts are fine. They are still rubber after all
  5. Have you pulled the boss kit off? There is a plug in the HICAS hub for the horn. It may just not have been pulled through the boss kit
  6. I was looking at Penrite pro gear GL4 75W90 but its hard to find here. Going to order some in the new year and give it a go
  7. What car? What have you done anything to it recently? Limited info You can bridge two of the wires in the diagnostic plug and it will flash a fault code I believe
  8. Front Fuse Box in engine bay You can find it in the same wiring manual that the above comes out of. The 'R-9' in the blue box between the relay and harness indicates the item number, then find it in the component locator
  9. Did you turn the boost down as suggested?
  10. It is to the left of the steering wheel. Theres a little grille looking thing on the dash.
  11. Ahhh WD40 on the belts. Soapy water works much better because it dries and doesnt leave residue....... As above with the clutch fan, davies craig hubs tend to be on 100% all of the time however. Stock ones usually do the opposite when they wear out
  12. Gonna need alot more information? Intermittent injector pulse could describe normal operation really.....
  13. The sensor in the dash is unplugged or faulty (usually gets left unplugged when removing the dash trim) Pull the dash panel off and see if the hose and plug are installed
  14. Pull the pedal box out. They often break one of the spot welds. Do a search, theres been a few good threads on it from memory Easy fix, just weld it back up (weld it up a bit more than stock to futureproof it obviously)
  15. Get some 4mm and 3mm boost line and some nipples to suit. They are all one or the other. The thread in the manifold should be 1/8 NPT/BSPT i believe