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  1. Yeah I’m aware it’s hideos lol but I got it cheap and if it fit then I’d just run it for some shits and gigs, I don’t like it enough to bother putting in work to make it fit so just wanted to see if anyone had any pointers as to what it was so thanks. I think at this point I’ll try to sell it as a generic spoiler and people can see if it fits whatever they want to use it for rather than guessing what it is (what the previous seller likely did)
  2. Yeah no idea, it’s got the right angle to mount to the boot like like a standard wing but the base it to wide to fit in the gap between the two rear quarters, here is another post selling what I’m pretty sure is the same as mine as an r33 gtr wing
  3. Anyone know what car this spoiler is meant for, it’s an r33 gtr style wing and was sold to me as for an r33 but it’s to wide. I know there was 33 style wings for s13’s and 32’s but i don’t know what it’s specifically for as I want to sell it on as the correct thing. At this point I’m pretty sure it’s not meant for a 2 door 33
  4. R33 4 stud rotors I have a series 1 r33 gts and was wondering where i can get 4 stud replacement brake rotors, and if I can use rotors from other nissans.
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