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  1. Thanks Wes, Not quite like a King mate, more like a scared little rabbit...hehehehe
  2. hehe, how do you think I feel 1500+ in 1200kgs CR
  3. Antilag Street Series Sponsored by Tech 9 Tyres and Nexen Introducing the Antilag Street Series. A time-attack series based around providing affordable motorsport to people with street orientated cars. The Street Series will be held at Wanneroo, run in a time-attack format. For those of you who haven’t done a time-attack event before, 6 cars will be out on the track at once and you race against the clock, not each other. There will be tight regulations imposed mainly to ensure a fair and even playing field regardless of your budget. You will compete against people in the same class. Classes are as follows: • Mitsubishi Evo Class • Subaru WRX Class • Nissan GTR Class • AWD other • RWD over 2400cc • RWD under 2400cc • FWD • B-reg Class There will be an outright leaderboard as well. A control tyre will be used. This is a Nexen N6000, and will be the only tyre allowed in the competition. We have organised with Tech 9 Tyres to subsidise the cost of the tyres, and as such you will get them at a cheap price. Cars will be restricted to a maximum tyre width of 235’s. To be eligible you must compete in 6 or more nights throughout the year. Your best time from each night will be counted as points to one decimal place, with your 6 best nights counted towards your overall score. The driver with lowest points is the leader of the class. Being a ‘street’ series, the car must be street registered (but we have included a "b-registered" class). Entry to the Street Series will include: • 4 Nexen N6000 tyres (valued at $760). • 1 Thursday night entry to the No Limits driver training event (Valued at $150). • Membership to the No Limits Car Club (Valued at $15). Entry will be: $150 for your first event $560 for 18" tyres (slightly cheaper if 17") $15 for No Limits Club membership Which is $725 if you pay all at once. To get access to these "cheap" tyres, you will have to register and provide your drivers licence, name, rego, etc. An average person walking off the street would pay $760 for a set of 235/40/18 Nexen N6000 tyres (this is an example only), so we hope you appreciate the effort we have gone to (and our sponsors) to cut the costs as much as we can. Safety requirements are a road-worthy vehicle, CAMS L2S licence (available here: http://www.cams.com.au/downloads/pap...icRenewal.pdf), and a 1kg fire extinguisher. If you have any queries feel free to contact either myself (0417 992 963) or Paul (0402 418 697) or simply reply to this thread and we will try to field any questions you may have. Cheers Additional Info (thanks for asking!): The first event will be held on the 26th of MARCH at the No Limits night (where we will record your times), and 1 event every subsequent month (coinciding with the No Limits events). Cams licence costs $95pa and requires you to fill in 1 form (linked above). You will need the L2S (speed) licence. An e-mail address will be supplied soon (its being set up tomorrow) for you to send in your entries. Control tyres will be available in 15", 16", 17", and 18". If you're racing on 19", let me know and we will try and sort you out a good price on these tyres, but obviously they will be a little more. Entry fee is 1 off (it's only that much because it gets you your free set of tyres, if you already have these tyres and don't want a new cheap set, we will sort something out), from then on it's $150 per event. The RWD classes are not split between FI and N/A. The only reason the entry fee is that high is because you get a set of tyres with it. If you wish to enter 2 drivers for the 1 car, it will be $725 + $150 for the first event (as you get your tyres) then $150 + $150 for every subsequent event. If you already have these tyres, then just register and come to a No Limits night like you usually would, registration to this series is FREE. If you want to get the tyres from somewhere else, then so-be-it, however you will get them substantially cheaper from Scott at Tech9 after you register with us and pay for your first event. Your first "free" event can be transfered to whenever you wish, if you can't make it on the 26th of March. Obviously there will be things we have to address, but don't be so harsh we will try to accomodate everyone
  4. DUDE........Them fighting words........
  5. DJ I dont see your name on the entry list, I hope you are coming. Although I did hear a wisper that you may have sold your broom broom. CR
  6. I will be driving bud, hopefully with the new engine.
  7. My guess to this is that when Tein wanted to sell their suspension in Australia the ADR's (Australian Design Rules) would have said "Make it so they can not lower their car to the weeds" I also bought a set of super street Teins and had this problem. (R32 GTR) There is nothing wrong with the suspension you have. My car just won a event at our local track (Wanneroo) in the turbo 4WD class and it is not too far from a standard GTR. My suggestion to you if you want to lower your car some more is to look for some lower set springs that will fit the Teins. Keep in mind that your car will not handle as well and the ride will be harsher. (but it will look good)
  8. You also have to watch out for the Japan holidays!
  9. SAU Nickname: Chris260 Car Make and Model: R32 GTR Circuit Name: Wanneroo - Long Track Lap time: 1:06.20 Modifications Engine: Power FC Dejetro, 1 Bar Boost Power: 356 AFW Suspension: Tein Coilovers Tyres: RE55s Brakes: Standard Body weight: 1543kg (Without Driver)
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