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  1. Hi, I have 2 G25 660s for sale, 0.72 on the rear, one standard rotation and one reverse rotation was going on my VR38 but I have now upgraded to g35 900s. these are brand new never been bolted onto the car, I have changed direction with the car as I have a stroker with billet block. My loss is you gain, paid $3000 each for these, sell $5000 ono the pair. Cheers
  2. Hi, After either stock stroke or potentially 4.1L crank, keen on chev big ends and extended snout. Consider Callie's or any of the American brands, also want rods to suit and pistons to suit. Don't need main studs etc already have billet block. Cheers.
  3. OK I will keep this as a bit of commentary about what I discover with this build as it seems not many people know or they like to keep the info close. Firstly there seems to be a fair amount of misinformation about the lining on the bores. Most places call it Nikasil with is an electroplating process used for motorbikes etc. They can get layers of it and it can be honed etc. More importantly this coating can be re-coated easily by places in Australia. Anyway, the skyline bores are not electroplated, from my understanding it is plasma sprayed which I am guessing is much like metal spraying shafts etc to build them up if they are worn, I see this in the mining industry all the time. Anyway, on the block is numbers 1, 2 or 3 referencing what size your bore is from the factory. In my case it is 222222 but could be any combination of numbers. For the first build of the motor (motor is 40k kms and not hurt) I am going to go with Manley pistons in 2 size to suit standard bore. I am undecided about the rods, Manley or Carillo, probably Carillo. I will also go main studs as I can line bore it no issue. I want to go head studs, unsure if the aged 625 are needed, and more importantly unsure if they will distort the bores slightly as I can't bore or hone the cylinders. I will investigate further. I am pulling a head off and bringing it to a guy to see what it flows and see what is needed for 1200 hp, probably not heaps. I am going to run the Kelford 272 cams with this combo. If this goes pear shaped and I want to bore the block I will use Darton dry liners. i am not game to go for a full wet sleeve straight up. I will post pics as I go.
  4. Hi guys, Looking for a bit of a guide. I have a complete R35 GTR that I stripped down, the vr38 has a Samsonas sequential being it backed by a 32 GTR transfer case, 32 GTR with quaife in the back and quaife and albins gear set in the front diff. Cut a long story short I have a bit of a build thread on another forum but I'm trying to sort out the parts for my VR38. I already have G25 660 .72 externals for it and I'm looking at approx 1200hp crank maximum on E85. My thought process at the moment is Carillion rods with carrs CP pistons ARP main studs? Aged 625 ARP head studs Kelford 272 cams and springs. Motor runs motec m150 and daily dry sump pump but but is tba as I am trying to find some room in the front of this thing. I have a Waterman mech already that I will run this in the back with a cable. My question is do I run pistons on the stock bore and select the correct clearance piston skirt. That is option 1 Option 2 is run the small dry Darrin liners so it is a simple known quantity with approx standard bore pistons. I like this option also bit is preference 2. Option 2 is not what I want and that is to run MID liners. I'm not sure I want to pull that much alloy out of the block. If anyone has some experience please give me a hand. Unfortunately I am burning hours designing up custom dry sumps and bell housings for this thing and would like to not reinvent the wheel with this. Thanks 20190406_141201.mp4
  5. Hey I have one if you still after one, but I just didn't want to pull it out lol
  6. I have some rods if you need it also.
  7. I have some bell housings if you need.
  8. GTR1993

    Wtb Rb30

    Send me a pm, I have shipped these all over the world and to USA, none to Germany yet but that is not hard. Cheers Alex
  9. I have a few I have CNC machined if you are interested, 0403431194
  10. I have a harness but there is no way I will ship via PayPal
  11. Hey I have a pro plug in suit r32 gtr with IO box and e85 ethanol sensor, paid 2450 and is still brand new in the box never been touched, gone different direction with the car willing to let go for few 100 less give me a message on 0403431194
  12. I have the file can sell you an ally or steel plate what ever you need.
  13. Give me a message on 0403431194 if you still need one
  14. What is the advantage? Is this only used when you go aftermarket gearset
  15. As reference my standard lines were stuffed by a retarded mechanic doing up the banjo bolts so tight that it crushed the banjos. I run braided lines coolant and oil and have no issue. I can't really see how u will have excess pressure considering the drain is so large, there is no way pressure would build up in the core of the turbo wit a hole the size of the drain there. Also you don't need to hook up coolant lines I have left them off before on some set ups. Cheers
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