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  1. Just wondering if you need flaggies? I don't mind doing a stint but as it's been a while and be hoping to get some chin wag time as well. Oh and not having a car, someone able to give me a lift from Northcote area :-) I was thinking of cycling up but I'd not be in time for flag duties.
  2. Shannons insurance policy - cars of a certain age automatically come with Salvage, younger cars this needs to be arranged/agreed - if you have salvage rights, it will state so on the summary policy page they send you. If you just agree a basic agreed value (for std vehicle) thinking you've got salvage rights note PDS, salvage doesn't apply to all write offs, eg stolen, written off, recovered.
  3. Personally I wouldn't just let your JustCar policy move over to Shannons. They aren't cheap compared to other general insurers but that doesn't equate to a better customer experience. they'll handle your claim with the same professionalism as the cheaper ones. They do insure our more unique vehicles but so do others (eg those already mentioned in this thread) - please ring around them, get quotes, get the policy documents from the website prior so you compare like for like (or make allowances for differences in cover) Customer experience, I've been with Shannons for around 10yrs and just had a claim from hell - still hoping they can remediate this issue without solicitors but I've started provisional meetings - sure you'll understand can't discuss this further but don't think they are a "premium" insurer and will call back in appropriate times, follow through with actions without constant prompts etc.
  4. But Dashware isn't being supported by Google, the output formats = 1 that isn't overly compressed but it muffles audio - there response this was how they aquired it.
  5. Sunday was stranger than norm for groupings but I would make sure your up to date laps times are saved within meecamsau
  6. ah, just realised food depends on me saying - I'm in.
  7. too right, was hoping for the same but things haven't worked out for me.
  8. P1 commentary TedK "I do believe those glass Lewis is wearing looking at the computer screen are for fashion only, he's got perfect vision" AnthonyD "I believe you'll find that's actually a mirror" :-) classic.
  9. There are often Driver Training groups on the days we participate in where you can be un-timed and have someone sit in with you to show you the lines/braking points etc. Tampered are a little bit different, you can select Novice/Beginner etc but they allow passengers to run in all cars but you have to pay $20 for the privilege - I don't know if our club has a special deal agreed with Tampered to cover off driver instruction, Andrew?
  10. Don't worry probably more like 50 shades of grip also if you've not been to many you'll be unlikely to be using 100% of your mechanical grip anyhow. BTW are you in driver training? As for Tampered days, they seem to be getting more slick as for other competitors, they tend to be paying their own repair bills which always helps concentration.
  11. Does tagging Racer=being put in a group with idiots who think it's door to door racing, hold you up or dive down the inside using my wing as a corning assistant? Kind of concur with being in an SAU group, even if there is a speed difference(to a point), we know about it, faster ones out first, slower at back and we know who is experienced and likely to be looking etc. BTW, where are we marking SAUVic, not asked me for a Club yet, just sponsorship.
  12. They were looking at the helmet sticker (see page1 of the thread) and whether the helmet was beaten up/cracked/frayed chin strap etc. As for harness, shakes head at track car rules applied to street cars on a track - so I can use a +25yr old OEM 3pt lap sash and pass but the 6pt harness has expired by a month :-)
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