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  1. evil_weevil

    In. However can you make the courses not so tight? the ST has THE WORST turning circle in the history of turning circles. PS Gee tea cup - you don't need the 180 to make an ass of yourself!
  2. evil_weevil

    If I make it to any I'll be in street class with the ST.
  3. evil_weevil

    Droid have good kits
  4. evil_weevil

    someone wanna go over this to double check? anyway, took best times for overall FTD and Dave first, Des 2nd and me 3rd overall
  5. evil_weevil

    fun day was fun
  6. evil_weevil

    oopos haven't filled out a form will do
  7. evil_weevil

    hahahahaha BOOM bitches
  8. evil_weevil

    BOOM paid muthaf*kkera also put skid tyres on already yeeeeeew
  9. evil_weevil

    f**k paying now...
  10. evil_weevil

    wmany spots filled? I'm yet to pay...! oops...just renewed my CAMS licence so that's a start...
  11. evil_weevil

    Cannot believe I have missed this thread...! As uncle Dunc said a few pages back, I went from an R33 with 255rwkw to an MX5 with 94rwkw. only managed a 1.13.01 around wakie in the R33 (I think also as I had no idea how to drive back then) to a 1.11.8 in the Mx5. best at EC is a 1.56 on the old layout and 1.05.5 around the south cct. its fun, there is the MX5 cup, super TT and FoSC which the car can race in. plenty of opportunities. uses less fuel, learn more 'race craft' in it, cheaper on parts (sometimes!) and fairly reliable. I could turbo it for $5k? make an easy 130rwkw and cut sick laps and do perms faster.
  12. evil_weevil

    I really should pay for this ASAP haha
  13. evil_weevil

    My class (NA under 3.5L) was the biggest class this year. AWD was smallest or one of the smallest and the 2WD T class was too. yes I am having a cry so fk you!