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  1. Hi There, I’m interested to know whether these clusters require any wiring adaptors so they plug straight into the existing GTT harnesses? Or do they just plug into the existing wiring harnesses - i.e. plug & play? Otherwise happy to take a text about buying them - 0418 162 346
  2. Hi there, Can you call me tomorrow as I’d like to take the whole lot. Leave voicemail with return number & details if I don’t answer as I’m in meetings most of the day. I will definitely ring you back. Paul 0418162346
  3. Hi there, what’s happening with steering wheel inquiry? Can you please reply to my posts. Thx Paul
  4. Hi there, can you text me about the steering wheel as I’m genuinely interested. Thanks P 0418162346
  5. Hi there, I’ll take the steering wheel off your hands. Please text to arrange payment. 0418 162 346 Paul
  6. Hi there Steve, yes I remember this R33 GT-R on CarSales. The seller wanted $75K for it as I recall and the car was an Australian delivery. I seriously looked at it, but found another Series 3 GT-R in Adelaide which wasn't as good but half the price. I'm currently having some subtle mods done at CRD but leaving my GT-R low key. Well done on your purchase I'm sure your wife will enjoy her car for many years to come. I certainly enjoy mine. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi there, I’m happy to take them. Please call or text 0418 162 346
  8. Hi All! Does anyone have a Dash cluster for sale or know the best place in Sydney to get repairs done. The illumination is faulty even though I've changed the bulbs. cheers
  9. Seriously man, it’s people like you that give JDM drivers a bad name. Time to think about your appreciating asset. What’s the value in doing donuts? Who are you trying to impress? Have you thought about the consequences?
  10. Seems a really nice car and appreciating asset in its current condition. Worth keeping in my view.
  11. Hi, whilst using touch up spray cans are quick, cheap & convenient, I'm not sure you're going to be 100% happy with the outcome seeing that you're painting such a large surface. Perhaps look at getting a quote from a panel shop to do the finish coat and clear if necessary. Might be a better option. Spray cans have their use, but the finish they produce is quite variable. Good luck.
  12. Try Skyline Spares @ Newton Rd, Wetherill Park NSW. Irwin will be able to assist.
  13. Hi there, Any recommendations on where to go to get good quality side skirts or body kits? I've read a lot of negative comments lately with people being very disappointed (and ripped off). Cheers P
  14. Paul V

    R33 Parts

    R33 GTS 25 Series 2. After many things for interior & exterior. Drivers window switch; manual console; door rubbers; boot lid emblem; front grill; drivers door hinge; set of door lock barrels & ignition barrel. That's a start.
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