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  1. Cheers man. Yeah will be removing it, i am not using clay anymore tho. Using polyurethane expanding foam now. The current plan is leave the ones on the car that i made for now. Just so i can drive it. While im working on new better ones off the car. Which will be the whole quarter panel.
  2. Being a while since an update, got sick of writing about all the fails ive had with this thing. but ive finally made some progress with it. gotta say i am pretty happy with my self going into this not knowing a single thing about fiberglass or bodywork. Still got the fronts to make and rears will require alot more sanding and fine tuning. but it is back on the road and driving now.
  3. So update time..... The above pictures of the molds, didnt work. since the way i wrapped the edges around the car and how it was flat against the car in other parts the parts were smaller and didnt fit. So after a good old tantrum, figured how to solve it and started from scratch again for the, ive lost count of how many times. But i now have a fender flare that can be stuck to the car :D. it still needs alot of sanding and cleaning up. have to add a bit more to the edges in some spots but it is starting to take shape :D. the 3 other flares should come out alot better and more shaped as i have learnt alot of mistakes and tricks from the first one. but here it is so far.
  4. Cheers. Hopefully i can get the fenders sorted out this long weekend. Then make a start on the spoiler and the bonnet. Want to try and make something that connects the fender flare to the side skirt.
  5. So put a little bit more work into this, havent had much spare time of late. Got the shape as best as i am going to get it with using the type of clay that i have. Its not perfect, but what can you do. Just means i need to spend a bit of time sanding it and what not after i make the mold. Currently have a layer of primer on the clay, Tonight i will make the mold. Which will involve the following: * paint with PVA (release agent) * paint with tooling gelcoat (2 layers ) * Fiberglass (3-4 layers want to make sure it is nice and thick.)
  6. Cheers man, yeah it has being a bit soul killing at times restarting it, but once it begins to take shape again i get the excitment from it back lol. Yeah, after the see more circle shape in person, i like it alot more over the blocky look. Yeah i would of loved to use that sort of clay but the price of it is a bit steep. And cheers man.
  7. ruinned

    I have being looking at trying to incorporate the climate controls from a r34 into a tablet. I don't think you are able to do it with a head unit, as you need to send varying amount of volts into wires. As far as i am aware you cant do something like that on a head unit as it doesn't have the outputs to do it. The only way i can think to do it is to use an arduino and a tablet / screen for an interface.
  8. So kept playing around with the shape of flare and i think i have finally landed on a shape that i like. Now i just need to keep playing with it to get the shape of it just right, one lesson i have learnt so far is that trying to shape soft clay is a PITA! Trying to get the right shape on the edges near the wheels is annoying, but i will get there sooner or later. So this is how it is sitting at the moment.
  9. Does after making the rear panel and trimming it down to shape. there was just to many imperfections in it. Some edges just weren't flat, decided i didn't like how the flat part angled up at the end. So decided to go back to the drawing board with it all. trying to figure out / come up with a design i really like. What to make it more of a flare instead of a whole panel piece. Got the new wheels on it tho, also put the side skirt on as well. How it is sitting at the moment. while i mess around with design ideas, thinking i might try more of a curved fender design and see how it turns out. I want something that is different to a GTR.
  10. Started to lay for sheets of fiber glass in the back of the panels but ran out of fiber glass, which was a bit annoying way to start the weekend. Ordered some more online it will get here tomorrow. So will start laying more sheets in the back of both the panels to strengthen them up alot more. trimmed the pieces back (not all the way yet), they look so much better on the car trimmed up. Got some t shaped rubber seals on the way to use when mounting it to the car. only brought a couple of meters to see how it looks. Hopefully by the end of the weekend they are ready to be gel coated, then i can start on the other side.
  11. Nah going to use the normal fuel lid, it will sit in its normal spot.
  12. So the front and rear are fiber glassed up now. Will take the molds off this arvo and trim them up. going to add a couple of layers to the inside to add a bit more strength to them. Seeing the whole side of the car was a pretty awesome feeling, cant wait to get them trimmed up and see how they look.
  13. Yeah, will be letting me run wider wheels. the rears will be running 18x10 et0 front will be running 18x10 et10. The wheels on it in the picutures are 9" but got wheel spacers on to push them out to where the 10" wheels will sit.
  14. So changed the rear a little bit, brought it up higher and took it all the way back to the tail lights. decided that i liked the shape of it, so fiber glassed it up :D. 3 layers of fiber glass cloth on it. Once i pull it off, i will do another layer on the inside of it to add just bit more strength to it. Going to do the front tonight. Then onto gel coat and sanding it back.
  15. Cheers man, and yeah before i go into fiber glassing it i am going to make sure it is good as i can get it. This is the clay i am using And awesome!, will def check out the build thread man Yeah i think im going to give that ago and see how it turns out. Going to keep playing with the rear of it until i find something that works.