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  1. who has been riped off by a mechanical work shop i have and they owe me over $14000 in pay! how can ppl sleep at night and still open there workshop and take money of ppl knowing they owe money????????? how honest sould ppl in buisness be?????
  2. help this young man someone buy his car so he can buy ours
  3. dam someone must want a cheap R32??????????????????????
  5. they are cheap but alot of people dont seem to have the money but want the fast cars
  6. noooooooooooooooo the car is still for sale just some kid having fun by bidding on the car with no money to pay
  7. the car is a 1992. no sorry jun zilla what pm????????
  8. im lucky when i bought my skyline from an importer 3yrs ago it was reg as a 4cyl by him and still is reg as a 4 banger
  9. thanks i whish i knew that 2yrs ago coz on a 32 i did it this way u take out the instrument cluster pull apart the speedo there is a glass tube with 2 contacts that touch each other just solder then to gether this is what i did {execpt the solder part} just got to pull it back apart and sollder it then my hicas can work agian
  10. use a rb25t box its the same as a gtr box without the transfer case on it
  11. mines on all the time coz i disconnected it to get rid of speed cut
  12. just 1 thing thou does the steering feel heavy when the light is on when u r trying to park or goin slow
  13. sorry couldnt tell u about the cam duration probly diff but the rest is the same thats 1 good thing about nissan to do this
  14. the boss kit u got was it for hicas coz u might have the wrong boss kit
  15. there is no difference between turbo and na heads the compression is done in the pistions
  16. u have not alligned the boss kit up with the sensor that is why the light is commin on on the up side that disconnects the speed cut
  17. ive seen this done using the factory coils bolted to the firewall runnin ht leads to the spark plugs ona factory computer but i dont think u can use the bosh gt40 coils with the factory igtion system coz the gt40 coils have 2 wires + and - were as the factory system has 3 wires + and - and a signal wire tryin to find out what the signal wire does at the moment
  18. on a r32 the cat sensor goes to the light on the dash it does this aswell for a 33 but allso sends a signal back to the ecu to tell it that it is registing the heat in the exhaust if u take it out the ecu doesnt get the signal and puts the engine in to a semi limp mode because it cant read the exhaust heat i kmow this coz i put a rb25t in a silvia and run like crap on boost put this sensor in the exhaust problem solved its out of the way under the car and its there for a purpose
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