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  1. i went and had alook at my CAS since the head is off to get a better understanding of how they work and fit. From what i can tell the only thing that will stop the CAS from bolting up is a different bolt pattern on the cam cover. Other then that its pretty much a long bolt thats slotted into the end of the cam. Im sure all RB engines are the same.
  2. excact same cams as im going to use. Did you have ur head ported ect? So CAS bolted up fine then
  3. dont mean to hick jack this thread..but the tomei ornanment one that u got instead....its just a badge that goes onto the stock coil cover or is it a replacement cover?? Any ideas if it would be suitable to a stock NEO coil cover? cheers
  4. thanks for the heads up....interesting food for thought...Brad from spool imports is using GTR cams for his NEO 25/30 and from the looks of his dyno graph....great results. Some 508rwhp on a low 20 psi TO4Z....I would think depending on the duration, lift and adj cam gears, this may have attributed to his success??? From memory his were 272/9.35mm
  5. great info mate. Now u got me thinking about the cas on the exh cam...spool imports on this forum is using hks gtr cams + both adj cam gears on his NEO 25/30. So it must bolt on the same...Anyone confirm this??
  6. is it a whole entire replacment plate or just a badge that sticks onto of the stock one? What are the difference in rb26 coilpack plate and NEO one?
  7. finally got around the prob with my cam choice. Will use GTR tomei poncam 260 and disable VCT. This way i can remove the hud off the stock inlet cam gear. Will the rb26 clear cam cover then bolt onto the NEO? Or will i still need GTR rocker covers????
  8. Got them from sliding performance. Have since decided to go with GTR cams to run both the adj cam gears. Brand new still in orginal package. Will post pics on request Cost $800 Sell $650 0433466016
  9. i wonder when sk experienced little gains with adj gears it was with moderate power? Does it neccasarly mean that they wont have an affect on high powered applications? I already got the cams damit!!! I might sell them and get the tomei GTR cams instead although i have been told that NEO heads can only have lift no bigger then 9.5ish...
  10. yeh thats right. I had a look at my inlet cam which has a single bolt pattern so trying to figure out how to still bolt on the inlet cam gear with 4 bolts pattern. U maybe asking why i would want to disable it in the first place...I have spoken to another person who using a NEO head + GTR cams which enables to run both inlet and exh adj cams and he said by dialiing them in, there were huge differences to the power band....and 500rwhp so to speak. My setup will be hardly stock and aiming for similar power. I heard of someone saying that it is possible to make up a plate to bolt it on??? Can this be done?
  11. just checked my tome poncams 260 for my neo. the inlet has one bolt.....dat suxs coz i got a set of tomei adj cam gears to go aswell!!! Anyway of still installing it???? And if it could be done then the hud on the stock inlet could be removed?
  12. has any1 disabled their vct in a r34? did you need a oil feed to the solenoid like the r33?
  13. more to the point... if i disable vct, can i completley remove the vct solenoid off the inlet wheel? Will be using tomei poncams 260 and adj inlet and ex cam gears. I want to dress up my engnine and use a rb26 clear cam cover.. cheers
  14. i got tomei poncams and a set of adj cam gears to go...If i were to disable vct to run both inlet and ex gears, is there anyway to remove that nob hanging of the inlet? I think its the solenoid???? If so i could put on a rb26 clear cam cover??
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