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  1. Just going off my experience one of my kids has a na supra and there not overly quick but quicker than a na skyline, when working on the supra every thing just seems more difficult but might just be because we work on the skylines more often. I prefer my 34 any day his supra seems to be a bit jumpy on our roads which are fairly crappy and getting in and out of supras is an effort because you sit low in them and they've got a big step to get out of them, might be ok for the younger generation. Everything seems to cost more on a supra and harder to find. If it's power you want like gtsboy said chuck a bigger turbo, injectors and the rest of the stuff you need and you get a damn quick car. Supras do look good but.....
  2. Is this the one? https://www.amayama.com/en/part/nissan/3274371t21
  3. Ok cool, once again I'm not sure but the part number doesn't include the gear cog that they no longer stock it was awhile ago when we done this so I can't really remember
  4. I think the de-t sensor is longer than the de, and doesn't fit, might pay to ring a wrecker and find out for sure, but when I was looking for one I had to specify that it was for a de, that's what niswreck told me anyway
  5. I could be wrong but I think there different we done an auto to manual swap on my son's 33 series 2 and the gear box was was from a rb20 and we needed a RB20 speed sensor and cut the plug and used the auto plug, and good luck finding one it took us a few months to get one, ended up finding one on scumtree for 80. I found this link about the boxes
  6. Here's one for my haltech homies. It was a bit of an expensive exercise but I had to try it. I ground out the inside of the gauge holder to fit them in then made a plate to house them. Turned out allright I guess.
  7. The Sony 1000 is good for the price, I bought both my kids one, one has had one is r33 for a year now and we I just put one in the my other sons supra 3 days ago, they seem to have good sound but they have amps, subs and good speakers, air play works fine as does the google play, dunno about the fitting costs I've always installed my own audio gear it's not that hard it might be in more modern cars but I'd give a go, they went from mid priced pioneer head units which were about 4 and 8 years old and the sony sounds a lot better, I would put one in my car if I didn't have to spend all my money on their cars!!
  8. Got an ecu for sale Out of a 2000 r34 neo gtt manual also you can have the nistune software licence I've used 1 slot, it still can be registered 2 more times looking for $450 free postage.
  9. Hello all, Just bought my first r34gtt thought I might as well join up since I read the forums every day for the last 2 years I've always wanted a skyline but because of young children it wasn't real practical, now they have grown up and I had to buy an r33 for my eldest once he turned 16 I thought it was time for mien, it's got a couple little issues so I'm sure I'll be asking for advice sooner or later. The best info for his car I got from here is the re-soldering of the maf, the guy that owned it before him had taken it to 3 different places replaced coils, plugs ect... when we got it it ran rough and rich so we done the resolder thing and it was a different car and way better on fuel. My plans for my car is more hp naturally around 400 I would be happy with (for a start) so let the spending begin!!
  10. http://www.skyline.se/dokument/ get your manuals from here
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