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  1. The front end is now welded off and looking very strong.
  2. We are still putting in lots of hours on Mark's R35 GTR build. More chassis bracing, weight reduction, more power.....its getting meaner than ever!! I am sure he will post up some more pics soon.
  3. You should have heard it from in the cabin! It was a blast piloting that around the track.
  4. Carroll Smith has some awesome books and even his pocket guide is a must have.
  5. Car is due to hit the track again on wednesday for some further testing. Nothing too major being changed, just more development with suspension and aerodynamic improvements.
  6. I don't have your number, but sms me on 0402 421 437 so I have it.
  7. We are trying to put a plan together to have 10 Mercury cars come down, including Mark's R35 Time attack car.
  8. 2 workshops within 100m of each other, build two of the best R35 GTRs in the country, then travel over 1000km's to thrash them for 3 days non-stop, against each other and the best time attack cars in the world. LOVING LIFE!!!
  9. This year was meant to be in Open class, with the focus being 2012. It was my push to make the step up earlier, hence the inclusion of Tarzan Yamada as a hired driver. It will be great experience for Mark this year, amazing learning for us as a team, but yeah 2012 has always been the focus. Hell, we weren't even sure if we could get the build done in time for this year!
  10. I would pay good money for it to do a flat 30! Might be necking myself if it does a flat 40!!!
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