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  1. 1997 Mazda 626 2.5l V6 Manual 244000km Rego until August 2016, just recently passed blue slip, and had AC regas, new alternator and radiator fitted Girlfriend and I used to share this as a daily when we lived in inner city Melbourne, now that we've moved back up to Sydney and out in the suburbs, she's gotten a new car, and I get a chance to take the GTR out more , so we no longer need it. Meticulously maintained inside, and serviced religiously every 10k, running absolutely perfectly. Asking $1900 ono, any questions please pm. Located Riverstone NSW
  2. Oh wow, didn't realise they're so much cheaper for a whole set. They must just be more expensive for a single wheel. Probably not going to sell it at this price then
  3. Just to clarify, it's a single wheel only. Still available, open to offers, however it is a brand new wheel so I'd rather hang on to it than go too low
  4. Yeah they look great when they're fresh out of the box. If staggered sizes didn't mess with the 4WD, I'd buy another and run them on the rear of the GTR
  5. Bump down to $200 for the lot, nearly half the price of a new set!
  6. Brand new Enkei RPF1 18x10.5 +15 silver. Still in the box with all original packaging, only opened to take pictures. Long story short, ended up with this due to a miscommunication when ordering, and it'd be cheaper to sell locally and take a hit on the price than to do return shipping Selling for $600 ono. Pick up in Riverstone
  7. Selling super low King Springs from my 33 GTR. Part numbers are KDFL-101SL for the fronts, and KDRL-61 for the rears. I believe they also fit other R33 and R34 models, but you should check the King Springs catalogue just to be sure http://www.kingsprings.com/catalogue.htm. These will lower the car approximately 60mm from standard height. $150 for front or rear pair, $250 for the whole set, or make an offer. Pick up only in Riverstone
  8. Just a heads up, and a reminder to be careful I suppose Left my 33 GTR parked out of the garage for the first time in months, for not even more than two days, and someone has broken in and messed the ignition barrel up. They couldn't get it going before they got scared off, possibly due to some tricky electrical rearranging I've done, and there's no other damage, so I got pretty lucky. New set of locks will fix it, and it's good incentive to stop being lazy and finish installing the alarm properly. It's pretty sad that you can't trust leaving your car anywhere, but I guess that's partially my fault for this car in that suburb. Bit of a shock having previously lived in a country town where there were many nights I forgot to even put the windows up
  9. bumping this down to $8000 as I just remembered I have to pay for rego on my new car soon, hoping to sell before then
  10. Selling my 1994 R33 GTS-4 as I have bought a GT-R so I need this one gone! This has been a great, reliable car in the time I have had it. Despite high kilometers (around 190xxx), I have never had any problems with it whatsoever, and I was going to keep it along with the GT-R, but I quit my job to go to uni this year and I need all the money I can get. It runs extremely well, and after owning the GT-R for a year now, I'm still surprised at how well this car in comparison to the GT-R; really zippy, well handling car, and very easy to drive. I've tried to keep it fairly standard, but a few aftermarket things include: -Momo Racer 17x9 wheels -Aftermarket Sony headunit and speakers. -Boxed pod filter -Doesn't come with the exhaust pictured but can include it for an extra $500. It's a 4 inch HKS (Originally bought it intending for it to go on the GT-R when I got it, but it came with the exact same exhaust) -Nismo smoked side indicators Only issues with the car are cosmetic, as seen in the pictures: -Paint faded/flaking on roof -Small scratch on the boot where someone backed into me (looks worse in the photo, I think because of how bright it was when I took the pictures) I am asking for around $9000, but this is very negotiable as I have had it sitting around for a year (regularly maintained to keep it running well) and I just need it gone now. Car is located in Riverstone, NSW, but I'm happy to travel to surrounding areas if you are interested in buying. Please contact me (James) by private message, or text/call me on 0432227839 if you have any questions at all
  11. I've got a new car now, so I need this one gone. Price is negotiable
  12. Some more pics.. Including the scratch on the boot and the paint on the roof. Also please note that I'm selling it with the stock exhaust, not the one pictured.
  13. 1994 Nissan Skyline GTS-4 R33 Non-Turbo. Has been my daily driver for about 3 years now and I have never had any problems at all. It has a fairly decent amount of power behind it for a non-turbo and handles like nothing else I've ever driven, thanks to the 4WD. Reason for sale is that I'm now off my Ps and I'm looking at upgrading to a GT-R, which is why I have this on here as an E.O.I, as I won't be selling it until I've found a suitable GT-R to buy, which hopefully should be within the next 4 weeks. It currently has around 180k on the clock, around 30k of those has been while I've owned it. Always serviced regularly, and despite the high kms, it has always run well. I've spent a lot of money returning it back to stock condition, so it generally doesn't attract too much unwanted attention from cops, which I know can be an issue for P platers. That being said, it is a perfect car for P-platers, but being a 4WD, it could be turned into an absolute monster with a turbo bolted onto it. A few features: -Momo Racer 17x9 wheels -Splitfire coils, bought new about a year ago -Pod filter, boxed, has an intake pipe attached to the front bar that leads into a hole cut underneath the pod -Cusco strut brace -Nismo smoked side indicators -Aftermarket speakers all round (no sub) Not sure of brand names, but they sound great. -Aftermarket alarm and immobiliser -Probably some other things I haven't thought of.. There are a few small scratches here and there, but thats to be expected with a car of this age. The only things that really need fixing are: -Paint flaking on the roof (common problem with series 1 R33s) -Paint faded on spoiler -Small crack underneath front bar. Hardly noticable, but worth mentioning -Plastic in front-right wheel arch has rubbed on the wheel and worn through. Probably VERY cheap to fix, but it only happened recently, so I haven't bothered to replace it. -Scratch on the boot where someone backed into me. Really the only major mark on the car, but I've been told it probably wouldn't cost a lot to fix I'm looking to get around $12500 for it, but open to reasonable offers. I know that's expensive for a non-turbo, but it is a 4WD, which I know is fairly hard to find, as it took me a long time to find this one in the first place. Also has rego til next march, and RWC I got for rego As I am located in regional NSW, I won't be able to arrange an inspection with everyone who wants to see the car, but I will answer any questions completely honestly, and if you are absolutely serious about buying, I'm more than happy to travel for an inspection Any questions, please PM me, and I can give you my number Will get more pics ASAP, but for now this is the only one I have