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  1. I recently got a powder coating gun so I've been playing around with that. Pretty happy with the results, and much more durable that normal paint. So far I've done the wiper arms, radiator brackets, and the new HKS intake
  2. And a couple of small updates for the GTR A pair of definitely not genuine Tein bonnet struts, but they were $70 and they do the job perfectly well. Only required a tiny bit of modification as they are made to fit an R34 Also got a HKS Racing Chamber kit, which seems to have completely fixed my turbo shuffle issues
  3. I wasted no time tearing into the Evo. Removed the terribly installed aftermarket alarm and the Mitsubishi Diamond Track system. Installed a new immobiliser, a set of Defi BF gauges, Sony XAV-AX5000 stereo, all neatly integrated into the factory wiring harness (this is a not so neat work in progress photo). Also replaced the worn out gear knob for a Tomei duracon knob
  4. Inspired by the recent trip to Japan, the wife decided it was time to upgrade from the 2 door Polo to "something more practical" 😄
  5. February - Stripped down the intake side for a little bit of a tidy up. Removed some hoses/vacuum lines that were no longer being used, repainted the intake manifold, and cleaned up the tired looking wiring at the front of the engine. Put it back together with some HKS metal gaskets
  6. Yep, RHDJapan https://www.rhdjapan.com/behrman-headlight-repair-lens-kit-r34.html Highly recommended, such an improvement to the look of the car 👍
  7. Went over to Japan in January for a belated honeymoon, which we planned around dates for Tokyo Auto Salon. Here's a selection of GT-R related highlights Wise Square demo car for their replacement headlight lenses. They were very excited to see pictures of their lenses on my car! My car on the customer photo wall at Up Garage (top row)
  8. 4-5 coats of anodised red, with a clear coat as well. I probably went a bit overboard with the red coats, but I didn't want it to fade again like it did before
  9. Probably about time for an update. Here's a couple of pics to get started September 2018 - Changed the absolutely shagged hicas ball joints (part # 55154-30P01) Started repainting the engine covers. Did this the same way as last time (VHT anodised base coat + red top coat), just with more coats of red. Came out a lot better this time
  10. So this took a lot of stuffing around, but I reckon it was worth the effort
  11. Thanks! Happy that people seem to enjoy the focus on all of these minor bits and pieces
  12. Headlights installed and looking pretty good, needs a wash though. I'll also need to give some attention to the front lip soon, it's looking pretty average Another update coming very shortly
  13. Quick update Headlight lenses installed, covered with clear vinyl wrap, hopefully that will keep them protected and looking good
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