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  1. Hey guys juat seeing if anyone can help Anyone know any gun auto eletricians in sydney that know skylines or maybe some insight on what i can check? I have an a/c issue i cant figure my car checked gas is full... but when i turn on a/c, the compressor kicks on very cold air comes through, then as soon as the clutch kicks off the air feels like there isnt any cold air...really annoying as summer is coming fast and i just want consistant cold stumped and i cant figure this out as when the compressor turns on very cold air then disappointment when it kicks off...then when rhe clutch activates again very cold air...only giving me cold air when the clutch kicks on
  2. sleek3

    sorry man...I was going to take a shot or two at your v35 but I think you guys had left already when I went back out to the car park.. next time though for sure
  3. sleek3

    took some photos today guys...feel free to tag your car or anyone else you here on my facebook page
  4. sleek3

    How do we get in as part of the sau display?
  5. thanks guys yea it will be a good day out....havent taken my 33 on a cruise yet so im keen to get this happening....
  6. Hey fellow SAU'ers I have hosted a few cruises in the past and also posted them here and had quite a success...last big one was my megalong valley and Robertson pie shop cruises last year which I have taken a little time off but they were huge with a fair few skylines from sau that came along for a great cruise...some of you may remember it as it was when terry brought his R34 N1 out which was awesome....along with all the other GTR's and Skylines during the day...but I am at it again and trying to get a cruise happening.... When: 29/11/2014 Meet: 9:30 leave 10am @ Thornleigh Bunnings (beside the maccas) Where to: Gosford Trackside Restaurant for lunch Ok here is the planned agenda, we will leave the bunnings and head up the pennant hills road up to the old pac hwy....we will follow the mad twist and turns of old pac cruise it up to Gosford where will get to a roundabout for central coast hwy which we will turn right and follow that up to Trackside Restaurant at 79 central coast hwy west Gosford, where we can have a mad lunch and check out some of the classic race cars that they have in there....see you all there...there is a whole heap of car groups and forums also invited aswell... FACEBOOK Event in corporation with my meets/photography page and a mates group page so whos keen, only because a few days before the cruise I need to give them numbers for the tables to reserve 1 Sleek3 - R33 Gts-t 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  7. sleek3

    Just Submitted a request to join (dale sotor) not a pretty car as it is being setup just for off road use...i am getting some body panes for it as the bonnet is a different colour, want a new front bar and lhf guard but still doesnt look too bad... R33 Series 1.5 (skid/track car) - full rebuild, high flow rb25 turbo, dump pipe full exhaust, cams, mines ecu, front mount, GReddy rs bov,
  8. is this auto or manual?
  9. sleek3

    good thing it was only a fuse ay.....glad to help anytime...
  10. hello fellow stagea owners, I am wanting to make a shirt with a c34 stagea, i am in need of some images, drawings, art, or cartoon drawings of a c34 stagea. its for a birthday and in real need of one as i have no luck on google images ect ect. if you can help out please post pics here or private message me.
  11. No worries will do when I get back to a proper computer
  12. Hello fellow SAU'ers I had been trying to get quotes from all the major Paintless dent repair to fix my tailgate on my stagea, almost 90% of them even the big names in the game told me "No it cant be fixed because the dent is on and close to the edge" I said ok and began to look for someone else to quote. Finally i came accross "The Ding King" who on his website has repaired Lambo's, Ferrari's and R35's so thought i can trust this guy and he said "no worries I can fix it, not going to be easy but I can do it" charged me $200 and I can tell you, i got my money worth. so happy with the job and only took about 45 minutes. if you need any dents removed i would recommend him. Contact me for details as i am unsure i am allowed to put it up here.
  13. sleek3

    Spotted a white s2 at kk livo last night Sent from my iPad using SAU Community
  14. sleek3

    Mad cant wait for the next vid....