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  1. Lol there is always one that has to start this argument I actually broke 2 boxes with the sprung centre and the recent failure was due to a selector issue which destroyed 4th and 5th gears.
  2. Lol pull your finger out then! He did retire, but still looks after existing clients and picks and chooses work to keep himself amused. I probably could have got a few more years out of the clutch but might as well make it fresh while its out. Lol you can have that award all to yourself. The new engine will be far from stock... But look stock from a far
  3. Lol you animal! I pulled mine out before total destruction as i am building the original
  4. Well the decision was made not to go with another stock NEO as the risk of failure again with the new EFR setup was too high! It was OK belting around the track on 300kw with the old setup but the bigger turbo is pushing high 300s on gate pressure with a worn out engine, so time to step it up a notch... Making space to get the engine out... Fills up quick once everything comes apart - Prior to removal - Just jacking this thing up with the aero is a pain in the ass - Removal is methodical and time consuming - Fabtech's work of art, not so user friendly when it comes to removal, but should be one of the last times it comes apart - You can see where the paint burned prior to the turbo heatshield was fitted next to the EFR, its pretty well hidden when everything is together. Once the new setup is complete i will clean up the engine bay back to its former glory! Just cus its a race car doesn't mean it cant look good! Evidence of engine issues... I can shift the crank back and forth by hand... This was actually unexpected but does explain a few issues i had over the past few months. So much room for activities! Super Cheap Auto had a half price special so got myself a new engine crane and leveller! Making a fkn mess Clutch is off getting a freshen up. Its done years of hard work and still performs faultlessly but while its out i might as well! Can finally access all the lines that have been run over the years with the engine fitted and the mess just got more and more... Will spend some time routing stuff and cleaning up to make it easier to work on in the future. Was a pretty painless removal. Used whatever i could find laying around work to get it transported safely to our stretch wrapper. Stretchwrapper did the trick! It wasn't going anywhere in a hurry! So i just got an email as i was uploading these to inform me the engine had already arrived at Racepace (Bayswater VIC) which was under 24hrs... Not bad TNT! While the engine is off getting built i have a long list of changes to make to the car for reliability as well as performance. I am not sure if we will make Round 1 of the NSW Super Sprint series as yet, really depends on the engine build time... We will do our best no matter what though! Once the engine is back and in the car it will go to DVS TUNING for a run in and base tune... We will run the first few events pretty sedate to ensure the engine is sweet before we run it up properly. Suspension has been upgraded thanks to Josh @ MCA Suspension Brakes have been ordered and will be all new and fresh for 2018 Clutch is up with Jim Berry getting a freshen up, its run since 2013 as is without a hiccup. Tyres will have to be replaced... For those that were interested this is what i ran the 1.39 on - More updates coming soon!
  5. Finally leaving this group... Unfortunately not the way i wanted too lol My stock NEO is finally tired, but it has copped a beating as a dedicated track car for the past 2 years so it was self inflicted! Engine ran over 300kw, just shy of 400kw at times since 2011 and was daily driven up until 2015ish... Since then its been thrashed on track for more events than i can remember! Engine still runs and does everything as it should, its just pushing oil on track so time for a new build! Stock NEO's FTW
  6. SAU Nickname: 34GeeTeeTeeCar Make and Model: Nissan R34 GTTCircuit Name: SMSP GP CircuitLap time: 1.39.6 (Natsoft)Modifications: Basic bolt on gear as per build thread.Engine: ORIGINAL STOCK RB25 NEO - LAST RUN EVER FOR THIS ENGINE AS ITS FINALLY TIRED Power: Gate Pressure with new EFR 8374 setup - Power approx 350rwkwSuspension: MCA Red - 14kg front 8kg rear combo - Whiteline Swaybars F 24mm on mid setting + R 22mm on stiffest setting. Tyres: Hankook Z221 in 295/30/18 - Tyres were dead, front right was so worn it blew on the session after... The tyre delaminated.Brakes: Alcon 365mm front, Alpha Omega 350mm rear setup Will be back out in 2018 with a new engine and fresh rubber to have another crack... Suspension has also been rebuilt to suit! This lap was pretty rubbish, but got the job done -
  7. I was going the single gate route but got talked out of it.... No regrets!
  8. I looked at that option but after my 6Boob experience i chose to go down the path of the HypeEx/Fabtech true twin scroll manifold with twin gates... He performed artwork on it and it all fits pretty well! Going to be a prick to take off over the next few weeks so i can get the engine out for a build. Will be interesting to overlay the graphs once i get mine running
  9. Would give you a good start! Turbo is like new as has only done a handful of laps since a new fresh rebuild. Responsive and could make 400kw if you really want to ring its neck! Best i saw was 392kw out of one but was responsive and fast!
  10. Price dropped to $800.00 firm - NO OFFERS With throw in the old 275/30/18 tyres for the rear at no cost as they are in my way. No tyre offer available with this new pricing as it is cheap for a quick sale! Need to fund a new engine!
  11. Still for sale... Haven't had the time to bother trying to sell it all but now need to fund my new engine. Whole turbo setup as listed above reduced to $2200.00 (basically the price of the rebuilt turbo alone) NO OFFERS on this now! Carbon boot lid reduced to $350.00 (Will possibly use this in 2018 so not fussed if it sells).
  12. Unfortunately i never really got to update this after the turbo swap as the whole setup was letdown by the stock engine finally getting tired! I have punished the thing for over 10 years and many of those have been at 500whp... It was stock, including the headgasket which has seen 30 psi numerous times due to boost control issues prior to the upgrade. So, when i ran the turbo on low boost it was mental, it was faster than the car has ever been and was good enough for a 1.39 at SMSP GP on basically bald semi slicks as they were around 400 laps old! The car was also bring on all shift lights in 5th on the straight! I have another stock motor lined up for the car but am also considering a built motor, i always said i would never go down that path but will do the sums and evaluate what is best! I still think my stock motor has been one of the best that i know of! Its done in excess of 200k and still hauls ass on track, the last compression and leak down tests were so low but the thing keeps amazing me!
  13. Mine has been at 8200rpm for years and spent a lot of time there too! Stock bottom end RB25... I considered the 7670 but wanted room for more power later when i get a built engine etc...
  14. Bit late to the party on this one Dale I forgot my SAU password so have been offline for ages The 8374 on stock RB25 NEO was not something i was convinced would work, especially with the big 1.05 rear on it, but now i have had the thing on track i am glad a few of the guys from Fabtech, Benchmark, Full Race and other places steered me in the direction as the car is a weapon even on gate pressure. Due to the tired engine we haven't run it at higher boost levels but on semi slicks on a roller dyno its seeing anywhere from 340kw-360kw but i can tell you its WAY faster than my old HTA setup that supposedly had 390kw on high boost! If i was to drive this thing daily again i still think the 8374 would be an OK choice but i would be more inclined to go the 7670 just for that added response. The smaller IWG rear housing may help with that, but my car wont be seeing the road again so i am very happy with what i have! I get asked a lot what the response is like with the 8374 and its a tough one to answer as my results are not relevant to street use, i find it a tad laggy leaving pit lane, but once its on full boost (4500rpm ish) its on boost consistently and feels super responsive between shifts and recovers boost extremely quick! Not often its off boost when on track so lag is really an issue! Unfortunately my RB is getting a bit tired and i have been suffering oil control issues for the last few rounds of the season but ill get a fresh low km NEO bottom end in it before next round and see if i can get that sorted! For an engine with low comp figures it still makes a lot of power and hauls ass on track! There are images of the setup back in this thread for those that haven't seen it, its a combo of EFR8374, Fabtech/Hypex twin scroll manifold, twin 40mm turbosmart gates plumbed back into a 4inch dump and full 3.5inch straight through exhaust with single Magnaflow muffler, the thing is whisper quiet on track. It has all braided boost lines now to prevent any boost issues, Turbosmart BOV and the whole setup is heat coated. Probably other stuff i have forgotten to list but its a good setup! That is my feedback anyway
  15. Will do a screamer setup later! For now i just need a base tune so i can go thrash Mine was on the 95 mark last time i went out and they had no issues as it was a Time Attack event...
  16. My whole FP HTA setup is up for sale! Figured here was probably a good spot to mention it as all the results and info can be found on Page 1. Basically everything on the hotside i used to make the 390kw is included as i have upgraded the lot. Turbo, manifold, gate. dump, fittings and lines, full exhaust, intake pipe and filter, BOV and cooler pipe etc etc Turbo has just had new bearings and seals so is AS NEW, just had $680 spent on it (Was quoted $880 through GCG for the same repair). Whole setup is around $3k which is cheap for what you get! PM me if interested!
  17. PM's replied. Would prefer to sell turbo kit together! Lots of interest on the manifold and some on the turbo but would like to sell complete for now!
  18. So far so good! Nearly ready for the tune... Just been tidying up some small stuff while its at Fabtech... It all runs and is nice and quiet with the new stainless exhaust system... It no longer sounds like a tug boat at idle Will be interesting to see what it sounds like at full noise!
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