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  1. MCA spring update will come on the 29th of this month when i test the new rates... Will try remember to post in here for you guys! Dont want to hijack your thread but seems relevant to your build
  2. Aero was all set to neutral and power set to low while we get the suspension sorted In terms of spring rates i am waiting to hear back, will likely be the front and rear by a touch! I have already hit the ground with the carbon splitter as my old BC's were useless haha
  3. MCA do a top job and you will be happy with the Reds... I just drove mine for the first time on the weekend with them and they were great! We are altering the spring rates on mine but not by much
  4. Thanks mate. Long term, not likely... Turbo is great but i want to run more power with less boost and stress on the engine at some stage...
  5. Only thing required to make this car quicker is a proper driver GLWS... lol
  6. PM replied... The additional items are slowly becoming available - BC front coilovers with custom spring rates - Approx 11.5kg BC rear coilovers with standard spring rates - 6kg Selby front adjustable swaybar with end links - 27mm adjustable with 4 settings. Come with D rubbers too. Selby rear adjustable swaybar with end links - 24mm adjustable with 3 settings. Come with D rubbers too. Front left and right control arms with new Hardrace bushes and balljoints. GKTech front V2 aircraft grade castor rods with offset ends - very light but strong. GKTech front steering rack spacers for extra lock If sold as a package deal i will do the lot above for $1350 firm. No offers and not splitting them up just yet as i do not have the time.
  7. STILL in this club... Although the ole RB is starting to show its pain
  8. I ran the BC BR for a few track days and found they were too soft in the front, Road2Race then changed to a 11.5kg front spring which helped a bit... However since i went nutz with the modifications on my car and introduced aero i found they were wayyyy too soft and boaty now, poor splitter copped some damage at the test day... I had quite a few messages go back and forth with Josh at MCA in regards to the setup and we have ended up with a set of reds with 13kg front and 5kg rear, i have no idea what it is like yet but have also been told to revert back to standard swaybars and suspension etc (As mentioned by Duncan earlier there are 2 different ways with the suspension setup and i am going from the SK trend to the MCA i guess)... Unfortunately i wont be able to test until March, but it will be at Wakefield so i will know how they feel in comparison to the BC BR... Times wont be relevant as i have got rid of weight, added bigger brakes, bigger tyres etc... EDIT - And massive thanks to Dale for all the help with his wealth of suspension knowledge too!!!
  9. Hi Guys, I will have a set of BC BR Coilovers for sale over the next few days, these are currently fitted to my R34GTT. This is the standard BC BR coilover setup, however the spring rates have been altered/improved by Road2Race Chassis Tuning. At the time of the upgrade we also put the coilovers on the shock dyno and the results were impressive given the price of them. The spring rates are currently 11.5kg approx in front and the standard 6kg rear, this was working well in my GTT and was very easy to drive. These have done very little work, the car has seen a number of track days and a couple of street drives since fitted so in terms of milage they have done bugger all, they were working surprisingly well for a cheaper coilover package however due to the new aero upgrade i have recently added this suspension no longer suits my application. I have upgraded to a set of MCA coilovers and will be selling these in the boxes they came in for easy transportation. These are perfect for an entry level track car or just a quick grocery getter. A link with info - http://www.bc-racing.com.au/bc-racing-coilover-suspension-kit-nissan-skyline-er34-gt-2ws-rear-eyelet-type.html These are currently $1399 new, asking price for this set is $950ono as they have been used. They are currently in the car, however will be removed in the next week or so. Currently located Newcastle area. If you are interested PM me and ill get back to you. I will also have other items such as Works XT7 rims, adjustable suspension arms and custom adjustable swaybars being listed shortly. Pics can be taken but they look like the images in the link above, the front springs are purple though due to the change. Cheers Mat
  10. Hi Mate, No not at this stage, will develop it as time goes on but at this stage its just what you see in the image above.
  11. Guys only 3 spots available. If you have entered and paid you MUST register on the RTDC site... To do so PM me and ill provide the code to enter! If you require numbers you can purchase them through RTDC too... You can source your own but they must meet CAMS K 2.1 other speed events! Supp regs are here - SMSP North Sup Regs(2).pdf
  12. Come down on the Sunday to SMSP North as it and I will be there mate
  13. Sure does Nope mate, i knew it was an unrealistic goal a few months ago! I could still technically make it but going to a big event untested is just a recipe for drama... The car will do more club level and Super Sprint style events until i learn to steer it haha Lol stock FTW I have discussed a turbo change with Forced Performance, so eventually ill have a new surprise
  14. Sneak preview of the photoshoot with Hosking Industries - https://www.facebook.com/HoskingIndustries/photos/a.305186982862282.66384.151361221578193/894152483965726/?type=3&theater Will post proper images and updates once they are all done and released.
  15. Thanks mate, been busy at work and on the car so havent really updated anything for a while... Slowly getting there though
  16. Some more pics being uploaded to FB over the coming weeks. While the car was clean out of the booth we decided it was a good time to get stuck into it and take some nice clean pics... https://www.facebook.com/Woottenracing/photos/a.819477888122136.1073741829.817653311637927/887547627981828/?type=1&theater Thanks to Vacy Smash Repairs for the amazing paint work and also to Hosking Industries for the photo shoot! Ill update details in here in the near future as it will be featuring in a couple of magazines.
  17. Hi Guys, Chasing a pair of rear brake calipers from a GTR as i want to upgrade my stock ones. If you have a set PM me with price, condition, location and images etc... Only interested in the caliper themselves, no need for rotors, lines etc Can be Any 30mm Skyline rear Brembo, so off R32/33/34 provided its not a 34 VSPEC 322mm kit... Cheers Mat
  18. Thanks mate! Pretty happy with it all... Vacy Smash Repairs have done an epic job and i couldnt have done it without them...
  19. Will let you know in a few weeks... Its not going to be overly light as it still retains factory power windows and doors etc... Adding the accusump and cage would have weighed it down a bit too... Will be interesting to see!
  20. Thanks mate! There is a pic of it on the ground here - https://www.facebook.com/Woottenracing/photos/a.819477888122136.1073741829.817653311637927/877728018963789/?type=1&theater It is currently getting wiring done and will be on track soon!
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