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  1. For Sale - Brand new never used Alpha Omega single piece tailshaft to quit R34GTT coupe only (Custom made item). As per link - http://alphaomegaracing.com/p/143/c/71/All-Products/ALPHA-OMEGA/MONSTAR-Tailshaft-Skyline-GTST-GTT-RWD.html Reason for sale - Will no longer fit in the tunnel due to clearance issues since I raised the subframe to alter suspension arm angles etc. The decision to change the rear end setup was made after the purchase of the tailshaft so I have had Hardy Spicer built a custom 2pc shaft with smaller shaft diameter to overcome the issue but a 34 with standard subframe position should allow fitment of the shaft. Due to prolonged storage since being built the shaft has had a new yoke fitted by Hardy Spicer driveshafts due to light surface rust, original part to be supplied with the sale. It will get a clean up and will come with all the stickers etc supplied by the guys at Alpha Omega. Tailshaft cost around $1300 delivered plus an additional $300-350 (TBA - Have receipt for the work by Hardy Spicer) to fit new yoke. New yoke and unit are an upgraded crossover supplied by Hardy Spicer due to availability. Sale price $1000 firm and I will not ship it due to the fragile nature of the product. Given the current Covid restrictions in NSW this will be something that will need to be collected once the lockdown lifts unless a contactless pickup can be safely arranged. No rush to sell with the lockdown in place and the price is firm. PS - I will be doing another post soon with hardrace suspension arms, works wheels, GKTECH hicas lock bars, Aluminium radiator cooling panel, exhaust parts, Complete Go Kart racing package and a bunch of other skyline parts once the lockdown is over to help fund a bigger shed build with the addition of another race car and not a lot of space to spare.
  2. Yeah it wasn't by choice, but simply a case of not being able to afford to continue to fix other peoples f**k ups! Just want to clarify, the ONLY reliable thing I had on the car was the tuner once I switched to DVS JEZ, best decision I ever made with the car and the only reason it got as far as it did! The car will be back, it is getting work done in the background but I have purchased another race car to use to get laps in at the track whilst the 34 goes through the repair process! I've used a couple of manifolds and being a vital part of the car I would hesitate to use any brand I didn't know, I'll probably ditch the EFR and return to something simple but will make that choice once I get it running again and assess the reliability of the whole setup! I'm not shitbagging EFR in general as the power and response is fantastic, I just think the combination of what I have and who built the engine, manifolds, gates etc may be the problem! But in saying that to have a turbo fail and then another fail in a completely unrelated way from new doesn't inspire confidence... Please note this was after much diagnosis and concerned phone calls to GCG about the lack of ability to spool down etc! I will keep at it and will post back here more often.
  3. Just so people know it's not an isolated incident! This is my brand new compressor cover from a 8374 alloy supercore that I purchased to replace my old turbo which has a slight bearing noise which I put down to oil starvation due to a restrictor put in the line from the Fabricator even though it was clearly stated not to run one with this turbo. Not only did the new cover look like shit the new turbo was overly "tight" from factory and after numerous phone calls and diagnostics with GCG I was told it was fine and to run it... Did a few warm up laps at Wakefield Part and just about melted the cold side piping and cooler due to the turbo issue as it was glowing hot! Took the turbo back to GCG for warranty repairs and had it stripped, assessed and re-assembled with no fault found but now the turbo spins freely and spools down as it should. Car had not been run on a track since that day as I have zero confidence in the setup and I am strongly considering selling the whole hot side and going back to a single gate, single scroll basic setup to remove potential failure points! The turbo was only one of many issues with my cars setup, since the build it has lifted the head, gates have come loose, gate lines/fittings have melted or broken and the thing wont keep oil in the engine! The reason my car hasn't seen the track in nearly 2 years is shonky workmanship in a big $ build and left hanging with an expensive POS that I can't drive for more than a session! I will build it back up again and get it on track soon but I doubt it will be with an EFR still fitted! End of rant..... Actually probably not..... 🤬
  4. Yeah i retained the GTT rear bumper but everything should line up! Check with Freddy to be safe though!
  5. You heard correctly! ? Top Stage +50mm GTT fenders. You can contact Freddy through his website or Facebook page and he will sort you out!
  6. SAU Nickname: 34GeeTeeTeeCar Make and Model: Nissan R34 GTTCircuit Name: Wakefield Park RacewayLap time: 1.02.4 (Natsoft)Modifications: Basic bolt on gear as per build thread.Engine: Racepace built RB28NEOPower: EFR 8374 on gate springs - Power detuned to approx 400rwkwSuspension: MCA Red - 14kg front 8kg rear combo - Whiteline Swaybars F 24mm on mid setting + R 22mm on stiffest setting. Tyres: Hankook Z221 in 295/30/18 Brakes: Alcon 365mm front, Alpha Omega 350mm rear setup
  7. You will love it! Can't wait to run mine with the new 2.8L engine! It was good on the 2.5L but will be amazing one the 2.8 :D
  8. Might try get the 180 ready for this and come make an ass of myself
  9. Yep, most of it is stuff i should have done a long time ago! Coming soon with the pics mate! It does have billet bits in it! If anyone was dumb enough to do that it would be me ?
  10. Quick update - Apparently the engine is back from the machine shop and will begin assembly soon i believe... Whilst the car has been off the track i have had the time to do a lot of maintenance which has been much needed! Front Pads and new rotor rings. New steering rack bushes Front wheel bearings Front Kingpin bearings (Front right was shot causing tyre failures) New clutch slave and braided line Clutch freshened up MCA Red suspension serviced and modified New injectors and fuel pumps (Just changing for safety) New Hankook Z221 rubber on all 4 corners Fresh Motul oils in gearbox and diff This list will keep getting longer but it makes sense to get it all done while i have it apart as we plan on doing more track days than ever over the next few years! We will be doing as many events as we can afford! Ill take some pics and update when i get time!
  11. Might be able to make this! Will see if i have an engine by then...
  12. Hankook Z221 in medium will last me over a year thrashing and still perform even when worn! The last set i ran from late 2016 to the end of 2017 which i worked out was probably 300-400 laps... Same tyres still did a 1.39 at EC and then blew a front the next session lol.... A mate is importing container loads of the ZESTINO tyres and getting good reviews, ill be testing their competition Semi Slick in April at this stage which is between a slick and semi... They also do the street semis which are cheap and apparently comparable to the Z222 from Hankook... Main thing is,. they are CHEAP! I think his page is K Racing on Facebook but if anyone wants more info just PM me and ill get you in contact!
  13. Overall condition was pretty good mate! Nothing sinister really! Just tired!
  14. Actually alignments is one of the few things i do trust shops for as i get mine done at Road2Race Chassis Tuning in West Gosford. Peter is a wealth of knowledge and extremely passionate when it comes to anything performance related! He is very much like Jez in terms of advice, its no bull straight up honesty
  15. Got good news from Jim Berry last night... Clutch is in good nick! The pads started at 8.05mm and after 4 years of abuse they are still only down to 7.95mm like new lol The only damage on the clutch is from the incompetent idiot mechanic that dropped it at a certain workshop and then covered it up so i would never know, when i removed the box about a year later i was shocked! This is why i do most of my own mechanical these days! Hard to find reliable workshops! I ground back the damage and cleaned it up and it still functional but one of the fingers was slightly bent so this has been repaired! I could get a whole new plate made but there is no need! Should be good for another few years at least! So clean, machine and good to go again!
  16. I ran the same turbo on my stock NEO and it was a good choice! The extra capacity will be killer! If you are going 3L i would nearly go a size up for shits and giggles I run twin 40mm turbosmart gates!
  17. Towards the end i was just doing cold comp tests to make sure it was even across the 6 cylinders... So not a proper indication! It was still fairly even but was in the 90s on cold tests which was another 10psi down through the year...
  18. I wont be pulling it down, but can ask the question to see what condition it was in... I am going to say well worn though
  19. Anything will be an improvement over the compression i had
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