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  1. Has anyone tried the latest 98 RON Premium featured in the Sunday Mail last Sunday? Apparently it rates better than Mobil and BP on the dyno. It's sold at the SAFF servo at Martin's Plaza...where is it by the way?
  2. I still think that we are comparing apples with oranges. If now were talking $2-3k more, perhaps consider an R34...you would get a tiptronic for that price. In my opinion the 34 shits all over the S15 in every aspect.
  3. Personally, I would not buy a car already modified. Do the mods yourself - then at least you know exactly what has been done and how well it has been done. Also, you will have fun and learn a lot too. Hmmm...S15 Vs R33...tough one The SR's hammer hard with little mods but the Skyline has more presence on the road. I would go skyline but I am bias. In my opinion, the Skyline is far tougher and can take a lot, the RB sounds better than the SR too. Go Skyline me thinks.
  4. Bring them all back; Monaro, Sandman, Torana When is Holden going to bring back the Piazza seeing that forced induction is flavour of the month at the moment? I hope they bring it back and include gridlines on the speedo he he Oooh, how about the Camira...what was it...SL2000 or something. Red with orange pin striping...fully sick Anyway, back to the poll. Prolly should have included M3. Let's face it, it is the benchmark...
  5. Didn't NSW or Victoria use R31 S2 GTS's for a while???
  6. My God.... Is anyone else's brain fried after reading some of these? I used to consider myself rather intelligent before reading this thread... Does 'payed' = 'paid'?
  7. I've been beaten by a few commo's but more than likely because I can't launch to save my life Upping my boost would prolly help.
  8. Depends on personality. The Skyline has more presence on the road and is more like the King of the jungle whereas the 180 is like the fiesty cheetah
  9. My 33's a manual...also have an auto Getz for the Mrs...fully sick
  10. Heya, I found this really cool and rather educational screensaver of a 3D fully animated engine assembly. This is a direct link http://www.xiaowu.net/down.asp?id=5557&no=1 , it automatically starts an FTP download of the rar. file Simply extract the files to C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32 and then change your screensaver properties. You can go into settings and set to full screen if you wish. Enjoy!
  11. Don't worry about the 1st and 2nd shift, they all suck in that department. I would almost second Amaru, straight cust gears with synchro by the sounds of things. If so, lucky bugger, you're set up for big HP. If it were a dog box, the shift would be noisy and a bitch to change gears in normal conditions. Take the box off, have a gander...
  12. Meguiar's NXT Generation car was is awsome too. My 33 is going in for a complete respray next week and I will definitely be using Meguiar's NXT Generation products from now on
  13. Sell it and get another Skyline
  14. I'm pretty sure that the VSPEC has bigger front calipers too...I think that they are 4 pot
  15. It wouldnt be because of oil on the gearbox, the gearbox shouldnt get that hot that oil would burn as such. I would probably say that you have a possible exhaust leak - maybe from the turbo. Another possiblity is that there may be oil leaking onto the exhaust that is burning. Do you notice the smoke on acceleration/boost???
  16. Modified Rex's sound like Volksies...he he Line's tougher all round and better built.
  17. I have the same problem, the guage is all over the shop after 60Ks from filling up. I wouldn't be too concerned. I resist the temptation to look at the guage until I get home and I'm on my level driveway, then I get an accurate reading. It seems to vary heaps depending on road level...stupid pedantic thing. If I can help with anything mate, feel free to PM me...I've been around Sky's for a while now
  18. wrxhoon is right. ...and about 1.8 for the diff(s).
  19. Spot on mate, you're looking at the correct plugs. Just use a regular 3/4" socket wrench minus a socket...works a treat! Remember not to over fill the box with the new oil...oxidisation = bad! With the car jacked up on the drivers side, fill the gear box until oil starts to trickle out, level the car (lower the jack) and then replace the filler plug when the trickle slows down to a near stop. This should indicate that the oil level is just at the bottom of the filler plug circumference. Remember to replace the drain plug too
  20. Here you go. If you want help in locating the O2 sensor and fitting I am happy to advise. I have refrained from doing so at this stage as I don't know your knowledge level and I don't want to offend.
  21. Did I say NGK Platinums? I meant Irridiums...sorry had a moment
  22. Hmmm...I was just about to put up a similar post Ricoh I've been battling the whole fuel consumption thing for a while...like most of us. My set up is relatively mild: 3" front/dump, 3" HF Cat, 3" Kakimoto at the tail, Trust Pod. Last weekend, I put in a new O2 sensor which seems to have helped a bit (There are many threads about this by the way). I was getting 350Ks max from a tank (Running on/off boost...it didn't matter) but so far I have got about 120kms from 1/4 tank (BP Ultimate)...do the math...hoping for 480ks a tank. This is an obvious improvement so I recommend fitting a new one (O2 sensors only last 40000Ks, when they go kaputt, the ECU runs rich by default). I fitted an EL Falcon O2 sensor which cost me $86 from Motor Traders (A hell of a lot cheaper than the $180 Nissan Genuine part). The only catch is that you will have to cut and re-wire it to fit the Nissan connection...No big deal, the colour of the wires are identical. I can give pics if you want them. I also cleaned the AFM with some contact cleaner that you can buy from Dick Smith. I am using a Trust Airinx pod but I need to partition it to eliminate some of the hot air. This should help the efficiency a bit as well. NGK Platinums are also a good investment. Always remember the obvious: Tire pressures/alignment, oil viscocities (Not kidding), fuel filter, type of fuel, injector cleaner. At the moment, things are looking promising, even if I squirt her a little just to make my presence heard By the way, I would never tell you to "Not drive a Skyline" I would rather pay an extra $20 a week on fuel than drive a tryhard OZ performance POS Remember, she's quite a heavy, well built car so heavy fuel consumption is a trade off. Luckily we don't have to rev the Sky's tits of to get some performance out of them...it would be even worse then.
  23. - Rain X make an 'inside' anti fog product. U can pick this up at Big W for about $7 - Resist the temptation to breathe heavily on the windscreen
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