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  1. shuuuuuu you boys still dealing with 88e and property? sell bags. More margin in it.
  2. have found out these are infact not nissan items, still plastic though
  3. R32 gtr N1/nismo skirt end pieces look to be genuine when compared to others is a thin light coloured plastic passenger side is in good condition with minor crack around the mounting hole driver side has been repaired poorly, I have removed the filler and intended to repair and fit to my car but don’t really have the time still very repairable $450 ono can post Australia wide
  4. Got a little more done over the past month or so panels hanging on clutch hydraulics run and fit up. copped a bit of a slap with work and have had to settle for a pfc for now halaltech, maffless and leather retrim to come. is it going to be lebo diamond stitch spec? You bet your sweet vanilla ass it’s going to be! getting very close, the list is small now!
  5. Thanks mate! any progress is good progress right? cars back- still waiting on the doors and other panels rear belts, seats, tail lights and dash are back in for good. tried to repair the felt inserts on the rear trim. Looked good at first but began to unravel again- ordering new ones. ABS Is sitting in place, next up is tidy up the engine loom and get that back into its home and adjust the cooler etc so it’s all sitting nice and level plenty of work to do
  6. finally got some rubber on the tyres, they fit good. body is painted, parts next and then it’s on it’s way to my warehouse to be finished off. paint came out like glass ?
  7. Price on the rolling shell with all the doors, interior (minus seats) and looms?
  8. I thought I was the only one that draws cocks on courier PODs sometimes I like to write HELP ME
  9. Have some random parts left over from my build. x2 r32 gtr power steering racks, will need new boots and end links $150 each 2 sets of front knuckles with hubs, abs rings etc $250 leaking racepace pwr radiator to suit r32 has a leak towards the top of the tank, easy repair, not required by me anymore. $50 located in Thomastown victoria please text 0411421097, I’m not here a lot so I will definitely miss your pms/messages etc.
  10. Old bent subframe out. New subframe in, with something a bit heavy ;)
  11. Repairs are DONE! Body is in high fill! engine bay in boot is looking f**king silky. spent the last couple of days helping out at the panel shop and doing a little more on the hoist ;)
  12. Hello friends, long time no post. I guess things really do take time when they’re done properly. the car has had the required rust repairs and is now ready for high fill. i know the bog looks bad but it’s only a skim of fine filler. Only so much the lads could do without replacing the quarter panels etc. the car has had a bad quarter change in the past, with both panels lined up and filled with weld. I had the tedious task of cleaning the canyon and getting it prepped for brass, followed by some of weirdest filler I’ve ever seen- that fibreglass looking stuff is actually aluminium infused filler that is being used on bmws now! take note of the rust hole on the pilar, it looks like this is a problem area on a few GTRs due to the location of the factory window trim clips holding dirt and moisture. This let water trickle down into the boot channel, and then down the beaver. bought a set of rays gramlight 56crs in 18x10.5+12, yes, they’ll fit. I don’t care how it’ll drive, it’ll look shit hot haha. pic dump
  13. R32 parts left over n1 east bear style side skirt extensions. still in gel coat, never used. Bought genuine ones. $200 pwr radiator- has a leak, repairable $70 factory twin BOVs $50 lower rear quarter trims, fair condition. Could do with a reglue on the fabrics $100 located yhomastown vic please text 0411421097
  14. I just had to take it all home and mock it up. Looks unreal!
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