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  1. Just to be clear, it was a few years ago that I looked into being able to arrange compliance. With the rules shifting and sentiments from Dept of infrastructure changing, I can not be sure that it's still possible at this point so anyone looking to buy should take this into account.
  2. Happy to do another one mate, though the pricing won't be as tight as this buy was - unfortunately the poor old AUD is getting r@ped at the moment. I'll put together some pricing and let you know what we can do
  3. As Ash said, they're a completely different type of tyre to the AD08r and I honestly wouldn't be talking about them in the same light at all. There's really no grounds for comparison between them in tread pattern, cost, wear rating or target market. You can drive the AD08r in shitty weather, but you're always aware that the enormous tread blocks aren't ideal for those sorts of conditions and drive accordingly. Similarly, you can drive the Bridgestones on the track, but you'd always be aware that that's not really their intended use. Plus the price difference between the two. I'd put the Bridgestones on the daily that I use to tow the car to the track with
  4. Quick update - we just secured another 100 of these and that's the last of it. Fit and balance included for local customers, free freight to Syd/Adel/Bris. Surcharge for far flung/remote places. Just msg me with yoru postcode if you're not in a metro area
  5. We're definitely looking forward to getting our hands on the new RE003 and giving them some real world testing too. There's very limited size availability yet, I just spoke to my Bridgestone rep and he said there's a heap of stock waiting to clear off the docks so hopefully we'll start seeing some flow through. Will update once we have some stock, of course we'll do our very best deals for SAU members
  6. Hey Guys, UPDATE - we have just secured the last stock and updated our special! we have in stock a limited amount of Yokohama AD08r at the bargain price of $250 each RRP On Yokohama site is $472 each, they usually sell for a smidge over the $400 mark per tyre. These are all dated mid to late 2013. These are fresh and will perform the same as current stock. All local authorised stock with full warranty. I ONLY have this size at a discounted rate. We can supply other sizes at good prices too so please msg me for a quote. All located in Melbourne, includes fitting and balancing for local pickup. Free shipping interstate to Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane - if you're in a remote area, there may be a little extra charge - just let me know your postcode and I'll be able to confirm for you. These are walking out the door at this price, can't say how much longer our stock will last so best to get in now!
  7. Hey Guys, just landed this set of 17" BBS V-Spec rims. Comes with centre caps, could do with a lick of paint if you want them to be immaculate but overall they're in vgc. Please hit the link for a bunch of more detailed photos showing the scratches etc http://www.importmonster.com.au/shop/product_info.php?products_id=1913 $990
  8. Hey Guys I have a couple of sets of 285/30/18 Bridgestone RE55s available. These are brand new, old stock. 2010 dated. Has been stored at Bridgestone until they cleared out the last of their RE55s. They are the SR2 Compound (medium) $250 each Available for pickup from our shop in Bayswater, Vic Can ship Australia wide. Adelaide or Sydney, $65 Brisbane - $80, Perth $120 Send me a message with your postcode for a quote elsewhere. ----- Used 295/30/18 Yokohama A050 - soft compound. This is time attack/hill climb type rubber where you need it grippy from the get go. 2012 dated and still very fresh. Quite a bit of tread left. $700 the set (close to what a new set would cost PER TYRE!) -------- Brand new 255/40/18 Yokohama AD08 These are 2012 build I have six available at $250 each - probably the best bang for buck street tyre Good option if you were looking at a 265/35/18 as these are as wide as most 265/35/18 ---------
  9. I'm good to go whenever, not sure if the rules allow me as a business trader to conduct the group buy myself and I know that Ash has far too much on his plate right now
  10. Definitely, though our pricing has reduced quite a bit anyway due to the stronger AUD since we originally conducted this GB
  11. Good to see, hope this gains some momentum. See so many Skylines at track days run elsewhere that never pop up in SAU Vic events - build it and they will come.
  12. Hi Mate, do you have the original airbag steering wheel, if so - is it in good shape? Cheers Aaron
  13. haha, well maybe you should send me some info on this Caddy - probably an easier sell than a Skyline so it could work out ;0)
  14. Hey Guys, couple more things BCNR33 GT-R china/ebay spec carbon fibre diffuser. Bit scratched up as per pics. $200 ono Original Japanese c/f hood. Was originally on my old BNR32, I removed and sold the car with an oem hood. Quality - excellent, fitment - excellent, overall condition excellent with a few little spots of the clear coat that have some crazing as per pics. This hood weighs in at around 7kg - nice and light and of course, functional. $900ono BNR32 bootlid with wing. badges removed. some paint damage as per pics. $200ono BNR32 BOVS $90
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