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  1. SAU disables edits. no information on the clutches?
  2. Hey guys. I'm currently in the process of building my track s14 for time attack/sprint days and I need to decide on a clutch budget under $700 delivered. I was trying to decied between two clutches. I think the Sports Ceramic Clutch Kit suits my applications better however don't know anyone who has one. How well do they hold under power? My car will have under 300kw when finished. The other option is the Exedy Heavy Duty Button Clutch Kit NSK-6531HDB. I hear it can hold up under a lot of abuse.
  3. any videos? I want to hear this beast launch.
  4. CAMS paperwork.
  5. yes, plates and bolts.
  6. S14 Bolt in CAMS cage with CAMS paperwork. Single piece. Fits sunroof & normal models. Price: $600 Location: Boxhill Reason for sale: upgrading to weld in cage.
  7. yeh thanks.
  8. Hi guys, I am unable to find my SAU Vic membership card and with a track day this Sunday, 13th, I really need a replacement card. I am happy to pay for another card plus the express postage. Who can help me out with this? Thanks, Peter.
  9. nobody has any ideas?
  10. I am looking for an auto electrician with experience in fixing R31 skylines. Preferably located within the east.
  11. I have a worn gearbox in a s14 silvia. I know it needs replacing but for now I don't have the funds to put towards a rebuild. The gears are so worn they sound like they are straight cut. It's loud enough to easily hear from a distance if I was to drive past. Synco are fine though. Currently I am using 75w90w oil I think. Any chance a heavier oil could reduce the volume of the noise?
  12. this is just one of the many exciting inovations to come to the internal combustion engine. i would like to see motorsport formulas reduce class restrctions to encourge more engine inovations.
  13. ill check it out however, nothing works including brake/head lights.