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  1. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted a red hachi roku on the ring road this morning. Didn't notice the SAU sticker until it was too late tho.
  2. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted silver 34. Moving into a house beside a park in the west.
  3. Haven't been to a meeting in a while...I might go to this one. Still 6:30pm start?
  4. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    Robinsons Rd a few minutes ago, blue stag with 34 front, rego R34WGN. Very nice…
  5. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    R32 on Wright St with plates MBLA?, I think.
  6. Oh no...Gonna have to miss this. Attending a wedding that day.
  7. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    Yep. That was me. Howdy…
  8. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    white r34 today on docklands drive at about 6pm. rego sureal...or something like that. beautiful car, sounds great too. i was the weirdo in the r34 sedan wearing a totoro hat.
  9. Will be thereany off street parking? Btwel presidente, can u pls bring my s'n's award that night? I finally found a spare shelf for it Umkthanxbye.
  10. Car's back on the road, so I'm in 😋
  11. Aes Sedai

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted silver 33 with SAU stickers on docklands dve parked @ kangan Saturday arvo.
  12. Yes I will be picking up the jacket. Thanks.
  13. Will b at the garage cafe meet this month. I'll pick it up then. Thanks
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