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  1. i wonder just how much modifying the nissan transfercase needs. has any1 broken drive chains or stripped drive sprokets? or had the withdrawal lever deform? ill be using all oem parts for my transfercase rebuild, appart from the N01 clutch pack. anyone thoughts on other possible mods/improvements to components within the case?
  2. noice build champ. question. what was your reasoning behind cryo treating the block & girdle? any reason you didn't do the crank as well? and where did you get it done?
  3. bahhh i was one of the first to pay too. ah well, spose u got stooged too Fatz. c'mon 1 more set.
  4. are they metal or carbon puks? whats the clamping force and what was she like to drive? i need a pull style but might just swap to a push style box cheers, Andrew
  5. well if it isnt my old friend mr McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg

  6. so whats the go? no camber arms, no calls or communication back. or have i just donated $250 to you Fatz? not real impressed
  7. best thing about the olympics? for 2 weeks everyone will know what it feels like to follow a Premier League side and have to go to work tired =) unlucky

  8. any1 wanna pick me n penwah up from revs? no rush =D

  9. soco n lemonade is calling

  10. PSG are ganna be a force in the CL

  11. chelsea are the new man city

  12. wow. the mighty rabbitohs are back!

  13. USA mens basketball team - the 10 player highlight reel

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